Thursday, April 12, 2001

Sunday, April 1, 2001

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Best Story
3rd – Curse of the Billy Goat (David AKA kermit528)

2nd - Wrong Wand (Doug Williams Jr.)

1st – Good ol' lumberjack-bot (Gabriel)

Best Group
3rd – Brier Rabbit, Bear and Fox (Sharon L.)

2nd – Old McDonald Had a Farm (Sharon L.)

1st – Wrong Wand (Doug Williams Jr.)

Best Word Play
3rd – ET Phone Home (Sharon D.)

2nd – Turducken (Scott Moore)

1st – Totem Pooh'le (Dale aka Duck Vader)

Editor's Choice Category 
3rd – Tink the Librarian (Johnny)

2nd – Evil Ostrich (Johnny)

1st – Son of Man (Rust this World) based on Magritte's "Son Of Man" painting

SON of MAN - Rust this World