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From the Far East

The Vinylmation Facebook released a picture of the China Pavilion, a 9" from the Park 6 series, the other day. Check it out. What do you think?

Collecting with Claudia: Chance Meeting with Disney Artist Randy Noble

On Friday, July 29, my family and I decided to go to Downtown Disney and mingle with the tourists.  We ate some tasty food at the Earl of Sandwhich, and afterwards, we walked over to the Art of Disney to find that RANDY NOBLE was doing a special appearance and signing to promote his new artwork from 6-8pm!!!!

Randy Noble at Downtown Disney
On a large table next to Randy were original oils on canvas, glicees, prints, and a big figure for sale.  His paintings, glicees and prints included figures such as Sorcerer Mickey Triptych #1-3, Best Friends Chip & Dale, and Goofy Fun.

Sorcerer Mickey - Framed Glicee LE 95 $350, Deluxe Print $35
Not many people were present for this event, so I was lucky to purchase his Sorcerer Mickey print, and have it signed by Randy Noble (he even drew a Mickey on the print-matt while I watched in awe!).

Fortunately, I had several of my Vinylmations with me because you never know when a good opportunity will present itself; plus I also bring extras with me to trade at blind-boxes throughout Downtown Disney.    So, I asked Randy if he would sign one, and he said “I can sign all of them if you like…”  I was ECSTATIC!!!!!!

Goofy Fun - Original LE 1 $1800, Giclee LE 95 $390, Deluxe Print $35
I asked Randy if he would be attending the Florida Project in September, and he said he “was considering it…if I do go, it would be for the Vinylmation event only.”   Let’s cross our fingers that he will attend!!!

If you are not familiar with the Florida Project, please visit:

Best Friends - Original LE 1 $1400, Giclee LE 95 $375, Deluxe Print $35
Needless to say, this was an amazing day.  To meet one of the best Disney artists, and to find out he is such a nice guy was the best way to spend a Friday night!!!!

*Editors Note: Randy Noble is considered the creator of Vinylmation. He designed such early masterpieces as the Park 1 Balloon Chaser, Park 1 Safari Mickey 9", Park 2 Little Green Men and special event pieces such as the 9" Space Mountain 35th and Cinderella's 60th. His figures now are few and far between and his talents on the little vinyl Mickey is missed.

Friday, July 29, 2011

ZoMG: It's a Small World Juniors

Hello everyone! Yesterday we found out that a Small World Vinylmation Jrs. Series is going to be released around the time of D23 (21 days – I am SO excited).

I think it was such a smart idea to make the Jrs 4 Series be Small World themed, it works perfectly.

I am going to throw out some possible Small World characters that we could see in this series. And instead of including pictures for all of the mentioned characters, I linked to a video below. We have a few hints and previews so far so lets begin with those!

Young boy – I love the way Thomas Scott designed this figure. It makes me so excited to see what else we have in store. I love that he decided to put the flowers in each Mickey ear to make sure people understand this little boy is a part of Small World and not just a random boy Vinylmation.

Tiger – I am so happy that animals are going to be included in this set. The tiger figure looks perfect. Everyone that sees this will know he is from the Small World ride.

Hippo – Funny story, as I was typing up this article at 12am PST, posted this picture to help me out, of the Jr. Series 4 box. As we all know whatever figure is on the box, is a part of the set. With that said, our third confirmed character is the Hippo from small world!

After seeing the Hippo, I am thinking that half of the set is going to be children and the other half popular animals and memorable parts from the classic ride. There are so many children and animals in the classic Disney ride that they could have chosen from. Here are a few that stuck out to me and will hopefully be a part of the series!

The Polar Bear – this guy you can find when the ride begins. He is part of the Artic/North Pole section of the ride.

Eskimo – the same scene that has the polar bear, includes the Eskimo children fishing.

The next section of the ride is Scandinavia/Canada. In this section there are many children to choose from. A few that stuck out to me are, the children dressed in band uniform with the tall black hats, one of the children dancing as you enter this section and also maybe one of the acrobats. This way each section has a child to represent the language.

The next section is Europe. This section includes:
The British Guards
The Can Can Dancers
The Goat on top of the hills
The Children in the tulips
The Children ringing bells from the clocks

Then we enter Asia where you will find,
Young Girls with Tambourines
The snake charmer boy
Young Asian children with Kimonos
Panda Bear

The next scene has many characters and animals that could be used for the set. Including,
The colorful Zebra
Tiger (already confirmed)
Hippo (already confirmed)
Young boy drummer
Young girl dancers
Giraffes with flowers

Latin America is the next section of the ride that includes,
Children with Sombreros
The sun

South Seas is the next section of Small World, which contains characters such as,
Ariel (wishful thinking.. but maybe the other mermaid that used to be in Ariel’s place?)
Hawaiian children
Hula Dancers
Platypus (not sure if that’s the right animal, correct me if I’m wrong)
The sparkly alligator with the umbrella
Children with tribal masks on

That is a lot of characters to pick from so here is my prediction. I think that this set is going to have a fair amount of children because children make this ride. I think the set will contain and even amount of girls/boys to represent each country/place that is represented in this ride. Along with the children I also think there will be animals that go along with the characters. Like the Panda, the Turtle, the Kangaroo, the Zebra etc. No matter what Thomas Scott decided for this set, I know it is going to be wonderful and I can’t wait to have them all!

Any other ideas please let me know, id love to hear them!

It’s a small world after all..

Contest: 3" Custom Vinylmation from Vinylmation Customations

We came across a contest on Facebook today. We are not involved in this contest in any way, but we thought it was a cool thing to share with everyone. Vinylmation Customations is giving away a Free 3" Custom Vinylmation to a lucky Facebook fan. We have meet Vinylmation Customations at WDW trade shows before and have even Spotlighted a Tronorail and a Star Wars figure she has done. Vinylmation Customations does great work. Here are the contest details:

"LIKE" our Facebook Page - Vinylmation Customations, and get a chance to WIN a FREE 3" Custom Vinylmation of your favorite Disney Character!

All "Fans" of Vinylmation Customations that have joined by July 31, 2011 will be entered into a drawing to win a 3" Custom Vinylmation.  Winner will be announced August 1st on the Page and a Facebook Message will be sent to the winner notifying them of their win. Winner will be able to choose their favorite Disney Character as the inspiration for the custom to be created especially for them.

Again, Destination Vinylmation is not involved in this contest, but just something we thought we would pass along. Good luck.

Chasing the Magic

Christ sent in these two pictures today. What a trading day at MK he had on Thursday!
WDW 40th Cast Trader Variants only found by trading with Cast Members at the Parks

Thomas Scott and Casey Jones Graffiti D-Street Florida

It looks like Thomas Scott and Casey Jones had a boring lunch, because this morning they went over the D-Street Florida and sharpied up the whole place. Thomas Scott must have gone crazy, he signed everything that was his that he could get his hands on. Everywhere Nick turned he saw something signed by one of the two of them. Thomas used a silver pen and Casey's signatures stood out in gold. As far as Nick could tell, there's about a case or two of signed Pirates 3" blind boxes. There's also about 10-15 signed 9" Park 6 Davy Crocketts. Then there about 3-5 of each of the other things in these photos.

We want to give a big thanks to both Thomas Scott and Casey Jones for going out of their way to give a little something extra to vinylmation fans. Thanks guys! We love you.

Now check out some photos from Nick's trip.

Spotlight On: Vinylmation Custom Artist Gemma Steib

Recently, we found a Facebook page full of some great customs. The page belongs to Gemma Steib. Originally from Essex, England, she now resides in California where she can be found most days working on her commissioned Vinylmation custom figures.

Destination Vinylmation: How many customs have you created?
Gemma: I'm just about to start working on my 87th and 88th customs! I've created 26 for our personal collection and 60 commissions and it still feels like it was only yesterday when I was asked to make my first commission. I'm really looking forward to working on the first 9" custom for our collection, I wont give away too many details but I feel sorry for my poor 9" at the moment seeing as I've already poked a ton of holes into his head, I'm just waiting for a few parts to come through the mail so I can continue to torture him!
Gemma Steib VMK Custom
DV: What first caught my eye, were the Virtual Magic Kingdom figures. This is very unique. For anyone who doesn't know about VMK, can you tell us what it was?
Gemma: Hubby and I and a lot of our friends used to play an online Disney game that started in '05 called Virtual Magic Kingdom, VMK for short. It was a little virtual world where you could be anywhere around the globe and we could all experience a little bit of Disneyland from our homes together. It's actually the reason I signed up on a forum for the game and met my hubby! Not surprisingly Disneyland is where we are most weekends. The game sadly closed it's virtual doors in May of '08 and my hubby and I wanted to make a little something to have as a keepsake to remind us of good times in game.
Boolani and TheAlienStitch
I took Boolani (my character) and TheAlienStitch (my hubby's character) and translated them to the vinyl form, and ever since then I've been getting commissions from others who loved the game and want their own little vinyl reminder of a great short lived game.
Gemma Steib VMK Custom
Which warms my heart a little more for each one I complete, especially ones with sculpted hats like the one with the seagull pirate hat. I couldn't help but giggle a little inside every time someone ordered one of them, especially as everyone referred to it as the chicken hat, I even roped my hubby into helping make all the individual pieces of straw for the seagull to sit on hehe.
Gemma Steib VMK Custom
DV: What is your favorite VMK custom you've done?
Gemma: Other than our own personal ones, I couldn't possibly pick a favourite out of the VMK customs, although creating the space suit pants for one does come close to topping the list along with the 'chicken' hat. But really my favourite part of making the VMK customs is seeing them go off to their new homes and seeing posts on Facebook of their new owners taking them on adventures, Especially when those adventures are Disney park related!
Gemma Steib VMK Custom
DV: What do you like most about making customs?
Gemma: Painting is just something I adore and I love the challenge of translating ideas and designs to the Vinylmation form, especially charactertures of people.
The "making of" a Gems Vinyl Custom
DV: How can people see your work and order a custom from Gems Vinyls?
Gemma: Usually I can only take one one or two commissions per week depending on how complex the design is, so my wait list does sometimes get backed up. It sometimes takes a while to get through them all without rushing orders. I'd hate to have to rush a piece that wasn't up to my standards which I wouldn't be happy sending out. People can contact me on Facebook. I have a Facebook profile and a group for my customs. My profile for Gem's Vinyl Customs is usually where I post the most. I debated so much over making a profile vs a page but I much prefer having an inbox on the profile so I can be contacted easily.

Profile -
Group -

DV: Thank you and keep up the great work. We will be featuring more of your customs soon.
Gemma: Thanks again for featuring my customs!

Doug, 9" Park 6 Now Online

Update: Noon- The Doug set is now sold out. According to @VMKingdom, they were gone at 3:45 AM. So they were on sale for about 25 minutes. I hope more people got them this time because of the limits!

Did you get one??

The update was a little late, almost 3:20 AM before it arrived, but thanks to a tweet by @Vinylchaser, we all started to purchase our Dougs.

Interesting note: I was only limited to purchasing up to 2 of these. So hopefully these will stay around for a while.

For those who want to reach the $75 free shipping, you can also order one of the two 9" Park 6 figures that came out today. Animal Kingdom Crate and Davy Crockett.

What do you think of this release?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a Small Vinylmation Set

No really, Junior Vinylmation are tiny. Series 4 was teased today with a tweet by Vinylmation Designer Thomas Scott. Only a few hours later, is confirming the series.

Each one of the pieces in the Juniors 4 set will be related to the "It's a Small World" ride. The series is by Thomas Scott and will "make it's debut" at the D23 event in August in California.

Here's a look at the sides of the box.

So far we've seen two pieces, a tiger and a kid. Disney promises more to come.

So it looks like a Small World Theme for Jr. 4. We have to ask, what would you like to see in this set? Do you have some favorite Small World characters? Email us photos of your favorites and we will post them. It looks like there will be all humans and animals as well!

Unofficial Vinylmation Art Show Announced

Vinylmation Custom Artist Cesar Diaz has a very special announcement:

For a while now I’ve had this idea where I want to put together a custom Vinylmation art show. Well that idea is now becoming a reality. I’ve already booked an art gallery to display the custom vinyls I make. But I didn’t stop there! I have invited 5 more custom artists to join me and display their work as well. The artists that are involved are Celeste Villanueva, Chelsey Zhang, Lucas Yoshida, Jesus Paez and Angie Annett. I’m calling the show “The Customation Project” It will be hosted my PROXART. Check out their website to find out more info on them. The show will be on September 24th from 7pm-10pm  in the city of Newhall CA. I think this vinyl show will be a great way to bring art fans, vinyl fans, Disney fans all together.

Thanks for your time
-Cesar Diaz

For more information on this event, visit We will have more information about this event in the coming weeks.

Vinylmation Speculation: Juniors 4?

Today Thomas Scott released this picture on Twitter.

So what does it mean? I haven't seen this figure before, so does this point to the first figure of Juniors 4? We are pretty sure that series will be coming at some point. Maybe this is the first clue. Will the whole series be people dressed up? Is it possible to connect this to one of the EPCOT lands? Any ideas?

Over on twitter @vinylchaser says that it seems like a 45th Anniversary of It’s A Small World figure.

As a side note, I really love the fabric it's on. I gotta find out where to find that!

Collecting with Claudia: Trading Vinylmation

Most of us depend on trades to enhance our own Vinylmation collection, so the more options we have for trade locations, the better. This article will explore the most common trading practices, locations, and suggestions.

For those collectors who live in Florida, it is a bit easier to trade on Disney properties like the Magic Kingdom, Downtown Disney, Resorts, Trade Nights, and so on. You can find a list of trading spots on Disney properties by going to: Destination Vinylmation's Trading Locations page or typing “trading locations” in the search bar (on the top right).

Though not everyone has the luxury of living near Disney, there are several options that I will discuss here.

One trading option is to go to Disney Stores, which are located in malls throughout the country. Do take into consideration that not all stores will have Vinylmation trading, so check with your local stores.

If you cannot get to a Disney Store, there are many online trading websites available (please do your own research before you sign-up for a particular trading site). Here is a list of commonly known trading sites; however, this is by no means a complete list:

Vinylmation Kingdom


Vinylmation Trader

Vinylmation Traders

Facebook, youtube, and Craigslist are also other options when searching for new trading experiences.

Advice & Suggestions:

*SAFETY is #1. I cannot stress this enough. A vinylmation is NOT worth risking your privacy and safety.

*If you are under the age of 18, please make sure you have your parents’ permission.

*Be honest throughout the entire trading process. For example: accurately describe your vinyls that are up for trade (are they new, damaged, scuffed, have paint loss, etc…).

*Do your research, ask other collectors, go online, talk to your friends.

* When trading via “snail” mail, I would highly encourage you to obtain a tracking number, and package the vinyls very well. Bubble wrap is a great way to ensure your figures are safe during transit. It is very disappointing to receive a vinyl that is damaged due to poor packaging.

If I have left out any trading options, websites, groups, suggestions, etc… please make sure to inform our readers by leaving a comment below. Thank you, and KEEP ON COLLECTING!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alien at Arlington

"We caught this guy enjoying some cotton candy at the Texas Ranger's ballpark in Arlington. He really looks to be enjoying his cotton candy. Thought you guys might want to see." - Scot Moore

Clearing Up the Mystery: What I'd Change About Trading Vinylmation

By DV Contributor RMThompson

First, let me preface this entire article by telling you that I love trading in the parks. I really don’t ever want to see Vinylmation trading disappear, and if we HAD to keep it in its current form (flaws included) or not have it at all, I’d take the flawed version any day. Still, it’s not a perfect system and one that is often met with disdain and looks of confusion among newer Vinylmation collectors and up to and including loathing among those more serious collectors. So, with that in mind, this article will discuss what things might possibly be fixed, and hopefully we can “clear” things up. You’ll get why that’s a pun later, but for now let’s start with:

1. Create a small set of rules that can be posted ON or NEAR the box, and make sure everyone sticks to it.
Part of the confusion in the current Vinylmation world comes from the lack of knowledge of the Cast Members in charge of selling or trading this product. This is not only a problem with trading, but with general knowledge. Some cast members can’t answer basic questions regarding Vinylmation, let alone trading. Then, there are those that follow the rules TOO rigidly. For example, recently I saw a young man go up to a box that others were trading from, the cast member asked him what number he wanted and took out a random Have-A-Laugh figure. The young man looked down at his trader, and then back towards the Have-A-Laugh, and told the cast member he didn’t want to trade. The cast member insisted that he MUST complete the transaction because “those were the rules”, even though there was no signage indicating so, and he didn’t tell this person the rules. He repeated to the guest that he “needed to complete the transaction” until the guest simply walked out of the store; after all, it WAS his Vinylmation, rules or not.
Nick trades at D-Street Orlando
To clarify, the rules do state that you have to give your figure in before being given the figure you’ve selected. They also state that you can only trade once out of the mystery box and once out of the clear box. There are cast members who, thankfully, break these rules as well. Why cherry picking boxes for possible chasers is not a good thing, some cast members know that pulling ANOTHER Toy Story Big Baby after trading one in is more than frustrating, and will let you chose again. Others have been known to let people pick up to three or more choices, (or even flip the entire box around) while others stick to the once-and-your-done rule.

If nothing else was to change in the Vinylmation trading world, I would allow two chances from the mystery box... and perhaps another if they get the same item they turned in. Remember that these experiences are supposed to invite the customer in, and excite them about Vinylmation, not turn them off to collecting. Disney, and  collectors, all benefit when new collectors start buying Vinylmation.

2. Expand the number of locations that allow trading, including location-specific trading.
Ever notice where all the trading boxes are in Disney theme parks? Yes, right near the largest Vinylmation displays. This makes sense, you want people to be able to trade right after they buy, but why limit the trading to those high-profile locations? It would seem that it might make sense to add some locations that aren’t already selling a high number of Vinylmation. There are some stores that could even have limited “themed” trading; where certain locations only allowed trading of a specific series, limiting the number of repeats in the trade box, but also adding another layer of experience for the customer.
Disney has tried different types of trading like this in the Emporium.
Imagine a box somewhere near Pixar Place that only allows trading of “Toy Story” figures, or trading of the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” series only in the large store near the ride’s exit. Even if they weren’t location specific, adding new locations to lower-trafficked stores would not only push collectors into these locations, but perhaps even allow for a longer guest/cast member experience and allow the cast members a longer time to spend trading and communicating with the guest.

Another idea would to have a cart in each park that travels around and trades, making finding it a random occurrence, and more akin to the pin trading that collectors have enjoyed for years. These carts could have a blend of clear and mystery trading, and people love trading with cast members while walking around the parks! Speaking of that…

3. Create lanyards or hip-holsters that hold 3 figures for mystery trading with cast members.
Rumor has it that the original idea for trading within the parks would’ve meant a lanyard holster, with 8 to 10 figures held on it, but the weight of it led them to the store based boxes instead. Well, why not have both? While carrying 8/10 figures might get hard, especially in the Florida heat, 3 figures would not be that difficult to carry around, especially if they were somehow held on the hip. If you’re familiar with the hip-based pin holders, you can imagine the same thing for Vinylmation, only with 3 spots (covered up with the Vinylmation ? chaser logo of course) that would allow for mystery trading.
Jr Trading
This, again, increases the randomness of finding a figure, something pin traders have enjoyed for years, and could lead to a greater guest and cast member experience. Imagine waiting in line for Space Mountain (whose store no longer has trading) and seeing a cast member with the mystery pouch. You trade with them for a figure you’re missing, and now waiting in line has become a positive experience! Also, this would be a better place to have cast chasers be launched, instead of the mystery boxes they are in now that allow cherry picking…. Which leads me to:

4. Replace the mystery boxes with clear boxes of the same design. 
This is the biggest change I would make, and one that I think could really decrease the number of repeated figures found in boxes, while increasing the number of new figures collectors could find? How? By adopting the same rules found in Pin Trading; you cannot trade in a figure if the box already holds the same figure.
The current 3 figure clear trading boxes
Imagine the mystery boxes were all replaced with clear versions of the same. When you walk into the store, you can see the box behind the counter. Without bothering a cast member, you can see if there are any figures you are looking for. If you DO spot one, you can then get in line and trade with the cast member. However, if all you have to trade is a figure already in the box, you aren’t allowed. This solves a number of issues, and while it seems to counter the “fun” in the mystery, would actually make people much happier, as they see what they are going to get. It eliminates having several of the same figure in the boxes, which is an epidemic at certain trade boxes in the parks, and means that the most of any one figure scattered around the park would be at maximum one-per-box.

Also, if there is a figure you need and you don’t have an appropriate trader, you could buy a figure, located close to the trading of course, thus increasing sales for Vinylmation. It’s really a win-win for everyone.

I can see how some people would be discouraged by this change, after all Vinylmation collectors are notoriously bad at handing change. The greedy will maintain that the figures hiding in the mystery boxes increase the chances of finding a rare or out of print figure, after all I myself found an Urban 1 Oopsy in a mystery box less than 6 months ago, but if the number of chasers found in the clear boxes is any indication, some traders either don’t know the value of certain figures, or don’t care, and I am sure hard to find figures would make their way to the boxes.  Also, if #3 on this list was also instated, it would be able to satisfy those with the urge to blind trade, without tying up cast members at a retail location.

So that’s it. Again, I love the trading, and really don’t want it to go away, but if the new mold is any indication, the team at Vinylmation is ALWAYS looking at new ways to increase the quality of the product and experience. Here’s hoping trading is including in those discussions.

Also, what do you, the reader and collector, think of these changes? Are there OTHER changes you would create if you were in charge?

Until next time, make mine Vinylmation!

Robots Signing at California Disney Store

Disney is amazing us with the promotion and coverage of the Robots Vinylmation release. They continue this week with artist profiles and a story on the artist signing this past weekend at the Fashion Valley Disney Store in San Diego, CA.
Photo from Disney Store Blog
Here, Marcella Lau signs a Robot for a guest. Take a look at the set up. Huge detailed displays featuring the artists in the background. Again, showing the Disney Store going all out for this release. I can't wait to see what they do for Lion King! (another Disney Store release) Hope it's more of the same fanfare.
Photo from Disney Store Blog
For more pictures and the full story on the artist signing, check out this article at the Disney Store Blog. If you were there, send us your pictures and story too.

Disney Store Blog Talks to Vinylmation Artist Enrique Pita

Last week, we featured Disney Store Artist Enrique Pita in our "Spotlight On" series. Today, the Disney Parks Blog released a great interview with Enrique. They also released this look at Enrique's Robots concept art:
Copyright Disney
When asked about the creation of the Robots series, Enrique said "For the Robots series, I came up with the original concept and then we decided as a team that we wanted to do the wind-up robots. But, from there, we created our own robots and named them on our own." Read the full interview with Enrique here.

Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Justin Marshall

As a child, my favorite Disney characters were Dreamfinder and Figment. I loved the EPCOT attraction as it originally was. It was a delight for kids and adults alike. So when custom artist Justin Marshall came to us with a Journey Into Imagination custom, I could not wait to share it with everyone.

Destination Vinylmation: What does Journey Into Imagination mean to you?
Justin: I have always loved journey into imagination. It really shows the magnitude of figments popularity because this is a character that is spawned from a EPCOT attraction, and no where else, yet after all these years seems to be just getting stronger and stronger in popularity. Now that the original ride is gone makes it even stronger for that demand for figment, and the Dreamfinder. It was a experience for all ages that brought you through the arts, literature, performing arts, and science. For a time where no one owned a computer, the technology was amazing. They can bring back the exact same ride, substitute a few things with 21st century advantages and you will have a hit!

DV: So you're not a big fan of the current version of the ride?
Justin: The ride now is... half ass done, and its a shame for all the creativity and hard work that went into it and now it sits in crates in a warehouse some where on the Disney property.

DV: I really like the retro feel of this custom. It seems like something you would find at EPCOT in the '80s. But this figure really seems to hold special sentimental value to you.
Justin: I made this to keep the attraction alive, and hopefully the new generation of disney lovers will someday get to experience this attraction the way it was intended with some 21st century tweaks.

But wait, there's more! Justin also wanted us to include these 3" Figments as a compliment to the 9" Journey figure.
This is one great looking Figment! Check out the detail on the space suit. 
Here is Figment in his sweater.
Great job Justin. For more Justin Marshall customs, check out his Facebook page:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

DCL Mediterranean Vinylmation

A few months back, we showed you a peak of some new Disney Cruise Line Vinylmation. One among the bunch was a figure available aboard the Disney Magic on the new Mediterranean Cruise. We didn't really get a good look at it in the display case, but Vinylmation World has posted some great turnaround pics of this new DCL piece that one of their readers sent in.
Photo from
The box design is a bit different than normal, tapering off at the bottom. On the front you can see the blue sky with some clouds in the head and birds in the ear. On the body, it has a blue mosaic pattern that reminds me of a Greek-like style.
Photo from
The back says "Mediterranean 2011" to commemorate the new cruise. It also has an outline of the Disney Magic on the base of the head. There is a bird in one ear and that same blue mosaic pattern continued onto the back of the body. This figure, compared to Admiral Donald, Day / Night cruise, Alaska or even Mexico is a bit underwhelming. But the colors fit the destination and the outline of the ship is a nice touch.

Free Shipping on Parks Items Disney Store Online