Friday, May 31, 2013

Muppets 3 Explained

Muppets 3
July 26th 2013
A 12 figure blind box series designed by Monty Maldovan.

Reporter Kermit

I think this is my favorite of the set. I also think this might be a copyright problem, but I don't care! He HAS to come with an accessory microphone! Please!
Gonzo the Great

My second favorite of the set. The cape is almost, almost awesome enough to forgive the lack of Star Wars 2 chaser nose.

Similar to the 9" figure from the 2nd series, I hope it comes with a drumstick!
Liberty Piggy

Kinda fun, if we hadn't seen this type of figure before.
Captain Sam

I think this is from Muppets Treasure Island, but I'm definitely getting this one for my dad (although he already has the 9" version).

He needs a mop accessory. I also think they could put some crazy hair in the ears a little to do something with them!


The maps in the ears with the brown borders is absolutely perfect. Love his look.

Uncle Deadly

He looks ugly, mean and tattered... just as he should.

Crazy Harry

Great figure! I kinda want a a stick of dynamite as an accessory!
Mahna Mahna

Looks great! Can't wait to get this and two Snowths!

This HAS to be the triplet!
66 words

Blathering Blatherskite!

Wow this has been a great week for Vinylmation and a great year for Ducktales. A little while back Campcom said it would be releasing a HD version of the classic game "Ducktales", and now Disney Afternoons is back and the first set of series 2 is Ducktales!

I think I asked for it a long time ago, but today Disney announced that the set will include two figures- GizmoDuck and his mild manner self, Fenton Crackshell. Look at that shark fin on his head, how cool is that?

Another great announcement from Disney, and one I know a lot of people are excited about. For some people the original Disney Afternoons sets were the last time they got excited for a new Vinylmation set. According to Disney the price has raised to $19.99 and there LE was raised to 1500 (But that seems about right number of figures at the moment.) This set will come out at D-Streets and online on July 19th. And look, Maria Clapsis is the artist, which is also cool!

What do you think about this? Will this get you to stand in line?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

These will be the droids you're looking for...

Over at vinylmationworld they have just displayed a picture that looks like a silver version of C3P0. This looks like it could be a E3P0 variant, like the silver one that C3P0 meets in Cloud City. As World notes, this set has been out in Paris for a while and we haven't heard any rumblings of a variant, so take this news with a grain of salt. It also might be any number of odd things that means it wouldn't be more then a single version. Hopefully tomorrow we'll learn more when the set is released at Star Wars Weekends.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Marvel Vinylmation: What it means for us

by M.C.

Exciting news today around the internet. Seems like our dreams have come true. Although not officially confirmed, Vinylmation Kingdom has reported that it looks like we're going to see a Marvel Vinylmation set soon. It looks to be a blind boxed 12 figure set, just the the good old days. But what does this mean for Vinylmation?

Some of you might just see this set as just another set. Maybe you feel it's just like previous movie sets such as Toy Story, Alice or Lion King. I disagree. I think this set will change Vinylmation. We've seen Vinylmation as a hobby from in the last 5 years. Many of us got in on the ground floor and have continued to watch it grow, through good times and bad. We've seen chasers and variants. Sell-outs and sales. Scrappers and eBay sellers. But though it all, I think Vinylmation has continued to be a niche item at heart.

Don't get me wrong, it's gotten wide spread appeal. With the Star Wars series, Disney latched onto a huge new audience that had never seen these little vinyl toys before. But I think Marvel is something more. I think Marvel will lead the hobby into new, yet unseen markets and the hobby will gain more momentum. The Avengers movie was the biggest comic book movie of all time. And that means a lot more then just the fanboys watched it. Marvel is on everyone's minds and on everything you see. Tapping into that audience for Vinylmation is opening the flood gates to people who have never seen vinyl, and hopefully will love it and try to get more.

I also think that the combo of vinyl and Marvel will set new standards for cross company promotion and synergy. This coupled with Disney's new found love of vinyl, from the new Disney Radio award to the upcoming web series involving them... this hobby is about to blow up. I just hope it does so in a good way. (Can you blow something up in a good way?)

My hope for the series? Lets keep these sets simple. Avengers first. Then X-Men. It won't be hard to fill the sets, and since Wolverine is part of both, you won't be missing the key favorite in either set. Also, lets do a great John Byrne inspired Days of Future Past set for the release of that movie in 2014! More about all this later...

The Monorails: Live at Disney's Wilderness Lodge

Long before they made an appearance as our favorite 3″ Disney collectibles, The Monorails were a band that toured around the Walt Disney World Resort performing at the resorts on their grand openings. We recently dug up some of The Monorails old concert posters, CDs, Albums and publicity photos. On May 28, 1994, Disney opened the Wilderness Lodge on the banks of beautiful Bay Lake. The Monorails were of course on hand for both openings. Take a look…
Concert Poster

CD Cover

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Park 4 Photoshoot

Here are our Park 4 photos taken around Walt Disney World. These are some of my most favorite photos I have taken to date.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Episode 121 Tom Morrow Chaser

Ep. 121 Tom Morrow Chaser

A long, long time ago. In a galaxy far, far away. Two intrepid podcasters set out to broadcast the news of Vinylmation to all known lands. They had on board a set of Star Wars series 3 to review and even talked to one of the set's designers, Maria Clapsis. They encountered other special guests as well. But not all went as planned...
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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Monorails: Live at Port Orleans Resort

Long before they made an appearance as our favorite 3″ Disney collectibles, The Monorails were a band that toured around the Walt Disney World Resort performing at the resorts on their grand openings. We recently dug up some of The Monorails old concert posters, CDs, Albums and publicity photos. On May 17, 1991, Disney opened the Port Orleans resort (now known as the French Quarter). Then, on February 2, 1992, Disney opened the Dixie Landings resort (now known as Riverside). Oh yes, the Monorails were on hand for both openings. Take a look...

Concert Poster
CD Cover
Concert Poster
CD Cover