Monday, April 28, 2014

Episode 158 Dark Side of the Mouse

Ep. 158 Dark Side of the Mouse

This week MC returns to talk help give updates on Star Wars Weekends releases, the Imagination Gala catalog and registration, Park Starz 3 and Blind Box Duffy. We also discuss why the April 22nd WDW Trade Night was a huge success and step forward for Disney. And of course, Simpsons Legos are brought up as well.
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

2014 Ardy Vinyl Released at Radio Disney Music Awards

It is essentially the same figure as last year, but a 2014 version of the Ardy Vinylmation that made it's debut in 2013 was released this weekend at the Radio Disney Music Awards held at the Nokia Theater in LA. No word on edition size, but they retailed for $14.95.

Photo courtesy of the Disney Channel
The Vinylmation is identical except for the box art and the maybe the bottom of the feet. The Vinylmation  is based on the actual award handed out to the winners and was designed by Disney Design Group artist Lin Shih.

Photo courtesy of
Photo courtesy of has also recently released some concept artwork of the award:

Here are some photos from the 2014 event, actual award and award inspired themes courtesy of the Disney Channel:

For more on the Ardy, check out last year's post here:

Behind the Scenes Look at the Making Of

Disney Stars Hang with the Ardy

Spotlight On: Jared Flores New Sculpted Pieces

I have been ever busy on my vinyl creations. I have this most recent batch of commission work to share. I have really been pushing my sculpting skills on these new pieces. For me some of my favorite features in this lot is Stitch's recessed mouth with individual teeth, The Snow Queens Elegant braids, Buzz Lightyears hand carved face, and Donald's floppy sombrero. With every new design challenge I overcome I gain more and more new ideas for how to bring characters to life. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve, and I'll be rolling those out as the year goes on. My custom orders list is filling out, so now is a great time to get on my list if you would like to have something ready by summer. I want to thank all my collectors, and fans for helping me to push my skills.

I am also excited to announce my new website launch. is now my main hub for all my vinyl work, fine art, and online store. It is connected to all my social media as well so you can hop on over to my new Facebook customs page and give it a like. I'll be doing some fun free giveaways for 500 and 1000 likes.

Thanks everyone!

Ink & Paint Explained

Ink & Paint Explained
Release Date: May 23, 2014
Disney Stores, Online and Disney Parks
Artist Enrique Pita

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Park Starz 3 Explained

Park Starz 3 Explained
Release Date: June 6, 2014

Preview of figures at April 22nd WDW Trade Night gave us our first in person look at the series, but did not show us any new figures for the base set. I do love the shapes in person. Sonny and Dreamfinder are very unique from what we have seen so far. And Trixie has an actual clear tear dripping down her face!

It was revealed, not a huge surprise, that Ezra the Hitchhiking ghost will have a clear variant version. It will be released on June 27 for $29.95 and will have an edition size of 2,000.

Ezra and ELP float added to the lineup:

Trixie, Sonny Eclipse and Dreamfinder added to the lineup:

First preview of Park Starz 3 from 2013's Reflections of Evil event:

Duffy Blind Box Previews

At the WDW Trade Night on April 22, three Duffy Blind Box figures were previewed. This series will be released on July 28 for $12.95 a blind box.

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Explained

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Explained
Release Date: April 25
$12.95 per blind box
Artist: Casey Jones
The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction opened in Disneyland park in 1967 and the Magic Kingdom park in 1973.

Update 04/27/14 First Variant found. Glow in the dark Helmsman Skeleton. Photo from Vinylmation Exchange. (Variant is on the right)

Update 04/23/14 Full set seen in person at WDW Trade Night. Chaser revealed, and is one of my favorites of all time (see chaser below).

photo from
He presides over the auction of women in one of the show scenes. We had a Park 3 version of this character as well, but this is a great update:

Davy Jones
A fun effect, Davy Jone's image is reflected onto a mist screen. Wow! Flat out wonderful design.

Skeleton Helmsman
photo from
This dead pirate once piloted a ship and is perpetually stuck in a storm. I love the rain and lightning in the ears.

The Red Head
photo from
Everyone wants the Red Head. She is waiting to be auctioned off in this famous show scene. This is a wonderful rendition, but comes after the perfect Park Starz 2 version:

Jailed Pirate
The bars in the ears are great. We at first couldn't match the figure to the exact AA, but DDG artist Casey Jones sent me the above reference photo.

Man at the Well
photo from
He plays the flute as his pirate comrades use water torture on poor Carlos.

photo from
Poor guy... whatever info he has, he is not giving it up. He is perpetually being dunked in the well. A great variant would be him spitting out water!

Mystery Chaser
Peg Leg Parrot

Mine: Man balancing at boat with many hats. Peg Leg Parrot.

YES!!!!!!! Love it!!!!! Perfection.