Monday, October 31, 2011

Park Starz Vinylmation Photoshoot

Every time a new set of 12 comes out, I like to take the figures to Walt Disney World and take a few pictures of them around the parks. When Park Starz came out, I was very excited to grab these guys and head out for another photoshoot. I had no idea how many picture opportunities would come up. My friend Austin helped me out and as usual, we looked crazy taking all these pictures, but it was fun. And I couldn't narrow it down too easily, so I have a lot to share with you. Many of the best are below, but you find a larger photo album at our Facebook page. Enjoy! And let me know your favorites.

Haunted Tease

The Vinylmation Blog posted this artwork today by Casey Jones:
Will this ghostly fisherman be in next year's Haunted Mansion Vinylmation set? See what we know about this series here.

This figure is designed after the Fisherman that resides in the newly refurbished queue line at the Haunted Mansion at the Magic Kingdom.
Water can be seen pouring from the tomb and the fisherman "sneezes" on guests as they walk by. Water sprouts out of the tomb misting unsuspecting guests.

Urban 8 Vinylmation Explained

Update: 10/31/11 November 11 Release Date Announced. Combo Topper ($26.95) will also be available on this same day. Great $9.95 price point!

Update: 10/11/11 Pictures of all 11 figures have now been added.

We got our first real look at Urban 8 at The Florida Project. They showed off a couple 9" as well as several 3". We also found the Urban 8 pins that gave up 3 more designs.

Urban 8
Price: $9.95
Release: November 11, 2011

Maria Clapsis

This figure looks like and Indian warrior. He has a great looking head piece and wonderful markings and coloring on the body. The way the feet are painted, it appears he is standing in some brown brush. Will there be a spear accessory?

Casey Jones

It appears to be a masked wrestler. He is blue with a squiggle of chest hair. He has a black tank top and tennis shoes. And possible flash bulbs in the ears.

Thomas Scott

Directing traffic everywhere. The head is a clear yellow and the ears give the impression of a flashing light.

Betsy DePedova

A new artist to the Vinylmation scene. This effort is a colorful figure full of different shapes. Flowers, dots, springs and stars.

Hot Dog
Dan Howard

Looks yummy. Though I prefer just ketchup and relish.

I like the hidden Mickey disguised as an onion! - Nick

Thomas Scott

This cool, cool cat has a simple black and white stripe shirt a beret and small artist-like eye glasses. He has some chin hair and a pencil mustache. The ears are painted a solid red.

Casey Jones

This little fellow looks happy. Maybe he saw the hotdog. It's a purple raccoon with a bushy tail... just like the Cheshire cat's.

Tree Frog
Robert Vann

Watch out! They are poisonous. This one has a great color green and a cool glossy finish.

Cave Painting
Thomas Scott

It looks like a painted you would see inside a cave. Different shapes and colors tell a story the artist wishes to pass down to us.

Yellow Robot
Billy Davis

The Disney Store artists have a robot series all to themselves, but the Disney Design group wanted some of their own. What job do you think this robot was built to perform?

Zombie Break Dancer
Monty Maldovan

Gold tooth, headphones cool blue shades and bling... this blue man is ready to get funky.

Mystery Chaser

(click image to see chaser)

Also with this series are some LE. These look amazing!!
9" Sock Monkey

December 9th 2011
LE 800

This one is adorable. Buy several, each for each woman in your life.
9" Boxer

Artist: Casey Jones
January 2012
LE 1000

This is a great looking piece. If any of the bandaids were mixed media, I'd almost think this was a one-of-a-kind.

Oh, and the boxing gloves, besides being awesome, are removable. When you can, check out his hands underneath.
9" Saber Tooth Tiger

January 2012

This figure was named on a placard at The Florida Project, but it was not displayed. It's sounds pretty cool though. I hope the teeth are 3D.