Sunday, December 29, 2013

Episode 145 America on Parade

Ep. 145 America on Parade

This week we review the Park 13 Haunted Mansion and Tower of Terror LE box sets. We preview the upcoming Indiana Jones series. We have news about Valentine's Day, Aladdin and Disney Store figures. And we have an interview with Disney Design Group artist Maria Clapsis.
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Monday, December 23, 2013

2013 Christmas Special: Episode SP4 Toy Soldier

Ep. SP4 Toy Soldier

For this year's Christmas special, Nick and MC took on Frank Capra's classic "It's a Wonderful Life" and gave it a Disney Vinylmation spin. (Previous Christmas Specials: 2010, 2011, 2012)

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Puppy Love for Valentine's Day 2014

On January 24, 2014 our first duel three inch figure combo pack for Valentine's Day will be released at D-Streets. This combo features Lady and the Tramp and is an edition size of 2000. It is a nice artist and cartoony take on the two characters that still leaves room for Animation series versions of these two love dogs that can be designed closer to the original animation.

Indiana Jones Explained

Indiana Jones Explained
Release Date: January 10, 2014
8 figure mystery set based on Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Indiana Jones
played by Harrison Ford

Marion Ravenwood
played by Karen Allen

played by John Rhys-Davies

Maj. Arnold Toht
played by Ronald Lacey

(Opening Ark)
played by Paul Freeman

Arab Swordsman
played by Terry Richards

German Mechanic
played by Paul Roach

Mystery Chaser

(click to reveal)

Indiana Jones
(in disguise)

Combo Topper
expected Jan 24th

Plus: Accessory Staff of Ra!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Spotlight On: Brian Shapiro's Invertimation Series

Custom Artist Brian Shapiro is back with a very intriguing series customs set for next year:

I present my last custom of 2013 which is a preview of a series I'm going to do in 2014 called Invertimation!

That mischievous prankster, the Cheshire Cat, has teamed up with other tricky characters like Stitch and Genie to invert the colors of some of Disney's beloved characters.  To undo this magic spell on your phone or tablet, simply invert the colors on it and look at the photo as shown.  For iOS devices go to Settings>General>Accessibility>Invert Colors.  I'm not sure how to do it on Android.  If you are viewing this on a monitor, invert the colors on your phone and look at the pic with your device's camera.  Enjoy!

Next up is Experiment 626!!  See you in 2014!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Episode 144 Zipper

Ep. 144 Zipper

This week we review the releases of the past week including Animation 4, Disney Character Star Wars and the Dated 2014 figures. We also give our thoughts on the Eachez line of Vinylmation and have a full updated release calendar.
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Friday, December 13, 2013

ZoMG: A Look at Cutesters Snow Day

With the holidays right around the corner it makes sense that we have received a preview of the upcoming Cutesters Snow Day Vinylmation series. I wish these would come out before the holidays, they would look so adorable next to my other Christmas decorations. This series is a must have for me.

First we have what at first glance I thought was a snowman, until I looked at the other side of the figure and saw a tail. This brings me to believe it is a Narwahl. A Narwahl is a medium sized whale that lives year round in the Arctic. Which makes perfect sense for the Snow Day series. The Narwahl is simply adorable.

Then we have the seal with ear muffs. I love the addition of ear muffs to this figure, the baby seal obviously needs them to stay warm on a snow day!

The next figure I think is one of my favorites. The cloud with snowflakes falling down. Here in Southern California we don't any snow but I will say, if we did I hope it would have an adorable smile and look as perfect as this figure.

Then we have the owl wrapped in a warm scarf, who looks warm and ready to play with his other snow day friends.

Caley Hicks did a great job with the deer and fox figures. They have such cute faces and I love that the deer is getting festive with a holiday sweater and that the fox has paw print gloves.

Next we have the polar bear in a festive sweater and ice skates. I love the ice skate addition to this figure. I love the Mickey and Minnie set released last month that had the ice skates as well. I think it is a really fun addition to these winter themed sets.

Last but not least we have the chaser. I love that Maria Clapsis decided to use the Minnie Mouse platform for this figure. Not only is the Christmas tree smiling and adorable but she has a bow on the top of her head. Now I know that the figure has a clear bow but I still love that she decided to put the tree on this platform. It really adds character. The Minnie shoes serve as the tree trunk and she has adorable gloves on to keep her warm while she goes to play with her other Snow Day friends.

I think this is a great addition to the Cutesters series. I loved all the beach/summer themed series and it's great to see another season. I can't wait to head over to D-Street on January 17th to get these and add them to next year's holiday decor.

Happy Holidays everyone!!


Thursday, December 12, 2013

2013 DeeVee Award Winners

2013 DeeVee Award Winners

The 3rd annual Destination Vinylmation DeeVee Awards honors this year's best Vinylmation and Artists. To hear the fanfare please check out Episode 142, Here is the list of this year's winners. We hope you enjoyed the process and remember to be on the look out for vinyl to nominate for next year's DeeVees. Please listen to our next podcast for the announcement of the winner of the Vinylmation from the voters drawing.
Favorite Disney Artist
Maria Clapsis

Thank you again Maria for all your hard work this year. This is Maria's 3rd DeeVee for Favorite Disney Artist in a row.
Favorite Disney Commissioned Artist

This is NOAH's second DeeVee for Favorite Disney Commissioned Artist in a row.

Thank you NOAH for your dedication to this art form.
Favorite Custom Artist
Mike Vetrone

 Thank you Mike for all your contributions to the custom Vinylmation universe.
Favorite Custom Artist Series
Aladdin Mystery Set

Artist: Mike Vetrone
Best 3" Figure

Artist: Eric Caszatt
Set: Classic Collection
Best 9" Figure

Artist: Quincy Sutton
Set: Little Mermaid

Thank you Matt Norris from Vinylmation Kingdom presenting this award.
Best Jr. Figure
Rescue Rangers Zipper

Artist: Maria Clapsis
Set: Disney Afternoons 2

Thanks to presenter Carl C. Von
Lewin from Chasing Vinylmation.
Best 12 Figure Set
Beauty and the Beast

Set: Beauty and the Beast
Artists: Maria Clapsis and Caley Hicks

Thank you to celebrity presenter Brett Bennett, host of the WDW Fanboys Podcast.

Best non-12 Figure Set
Walt Disney Imagineering

Artists: Justin Hamana and David Buckley

Thanks to presenter Carl C. Von
Lewin from Chasing Vinylmation.

Best Chaser

Artist: Eric Caszatt
Set: Classic Collection

Thank you to celebrity presenter Tom Corless, host of the WDW News Today.

Best Variant
Wild West Mickey

Artist: Enrique Pita
Set: Wild West

Thank you Zoe for giving out this award.
Best Use of Ears
Beauty and the Beast Mrs. Potts

Artist: Maria Clapsis
Set: Beauty and the Beast

Thank you Zoe for giving out this award
Best Limited Edition Combo
D23 Beauty and the Beast

Artist: Caley Hicks

This was the two pack that was exclusiely available at the 2013 D23 Expo.
Most Likely to Be Found in a Trading Box

Set: Extreme Wrestlers

Thank you Casey Maute and Jon Plesic from Vinylmation Exchange for giving out this award.
Best Accessory
Han Solo’s Carbonite

Artist: Maria Clapsis
Set: Star Wars 3

Best Mickey
Steamboat Willie

Artist: Enrique Pita
Set: Through the Years

Thank you Brent Dodge from for giving out this award.
Best Alternative 
Platform Figure 
Orange Bird

Artist: Thomas Scott, Casey Jones and Maria Clapsis
Set: Park Starz 2
Best Use of Clear
Beauty and the Beast Stained Glass Ears

Artist: Maria Clapsis and Caley Hicks
Set: Beauty and the Beast

Thank you Zoe for giving out this award.
Best Minnie Platform
D23 Black and White Minnie

Artist: Eric Caszatt

Thank you Zoe for giving out this award.
Best Location Specific
Mummy Donald

Artist: Sio
Location: Tokyo

Thank you to celebrity presenter Tom Corless, host of the WDW News Today.

Best Event Figure or Combo
D23 Beauty and the Beast

Artist: Caley Hicks

Best Packaging
Beauty and the Beast

Set: Beauty and the Beast
Best Vinylmation Event

August 9-11 in Anaheim, CA

Thank you to celebrity presenter Tom Corless, host of the WDW News Today.
Most Anticipated
Upcoming Series
Toy Story 2

Release Date: Next Year

Best DV Episode
Ep. 096 - Paint Drip Mickey Chaser

This episode is the 2012 DeeVee Awards show.

Thanks to Amber from Revolution Diaries for presenting this award.

Favorite DV Cast Member
The Mystery Mailbag

Years on DV: 3

Red Balloon Awards
The Red Balloon Awards are one-time categories that honor special achievement in Vinylmation. They are named after the first chaser from Park series one.
Best Urban Set
Urban 1

Artist: Various

Best Cheshire Cat
Furry Friends

Artist: Enrique Pita
Set: Furry Friends

Those are this year's winners. What do you think of the results?