Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2012 Vinylympics Dream Team

Last year we picked our favorite new vinyls as our All Star Baseball teams. This year we went to the Vinylympics and picked our Dream Basketball team. These figures not only seem like good fits for the positions but they also were the best vinyls so far in 2012.

PositionBlind Box BashersD-Street Destroyers
CenterPunk StitchDuffy
Power ForwardLight Up HippoStormtrooper Donald
Small ForwardBig Top Chaser(s)Dapper Dan
Point GuardPerryCarl
Shooting GuardChernobogMascot Goofy
BenchesDapper Dans
King (James) Mickey
Tattered Dress Snow White
Magic Kingdom Ticket
Equipment ManagerNerds Figment
Team Captain
Director Mickey
CoachK. MuraseMaria Clapsis
Leave a comment and tell us who your Dream Team for this year would be!

Vinylympics Set Scores

On the podcast today we reviewed every set that came out in 2012 by giving it a score of between 0-10 (like the judges in Gymnastics do). Here are our scores. Post your scores on any sets and compare.

The winner of the Gold Medal (top score) was the Disney Character Star Wars set with a perfect 10.0 from both judges.
Silver went to Park 8, Park 9, Jr. 6 Snow White.
And Bronze went to the Mascot and Japanese Zodiac Series.

Under the Big TopNick - 6
MC - 6
Disney Store 25th AnniversaryNick - 6.5
MC - 8
Villains 3Nick - 8.5
MC - 7
Furry FriendsNick - 7
MC - 5
Urban 9Nick - 7
MC - 7.5
Park 8Nick - 10
MC - 8.5
Park 9Nick - 9.5
MC - 9
Park 10Nick - 8
MC - 8.5
Robots 2Nick - 6
MC - 6.5
Animation 2Nick - 7.5
MC - 8
Monorail CarsNick - 7
MC - 4
Cutesters at the BeachNick - 7
MC - 7.5
MascotsNick - 10
MC - 8
Phineas and FerbNick - 8.5
MC - 8.5
Disney TunesNick - 9
MC - 8.5
Disney Character Star WarsNick - 10
MC - 10
Jr. 5Nick - 5.5
MC - 5
Jr. 6Nick - 9.5
MC - 9
So TastyNick - 8
MC - 7.5
D-TourNick - 7.5
MC - 8
DLR CommemorativeNick - 7
MC - 6
Holiday 3Nick - 8.5
MC - 7.5
Chinese New YearNick - 4
MC - 7.5
Japanese ZodiacNick - 8.5
MC - 9.5
Color BlockNick - 3
MC - 2
Theme Park FavoritesNick - 6
MC - 3.5

Monday, July 30, 2012

Episode 083 Watermelon Chaser - The Vinylympics

Ep. 083 Watermelon Chaser - The Vinylympics

We are half way through the year and it is time once again to rate the sets that we have seen so far. This year, we take on an Olympics theme. 26 sets compete in 6 events to find the best of the best. We also choose our 2012 Dream Teams.
Leave your scores and Dream Teams at:
2012 Vinylympics Dream Team and
Vinylymics Set Scores
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Animation 2 Limited Edition Explained

Update 7/29/12 Geppetto, already released in Disneyland Paris, gets an August 10 release date online and at D-Streets. The Disney Blog says it will cost $12.95!!! Super value? Most likely a mistake. Also August 10, some quantity of the LE 1000 Rhino will be made available online after selling out at both D-Streets.

Update 6/22/12 Vinylmation Blog Event Calender updated dates for Roger, Humphrey, and Rhino

Update 6/6/12 Rhino removed from Vinylmation Blog Event Calender

Update 5/29/12 Release date of June 15 and price of $18.95 confirmed for Rhino

Update 4/21/12 Saw the box side for the 9" LEs revealing the entire lineup.

Pinocchio (1940)
Artist: TBA
Release Date: August 10
LE 1000
Price: $44.95

9" Humphrey
3" Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore
Various Cartoons (1950's)
Artist: Monty Maldovan
Release Date: July 6th (D-Street)
July 20th (Online)
LE 1200
Price: $74.95

9" Maleficent
and 3" Prince Phillip
Sleeping Beauty (1959)
Artist: Casey Jones
Release Date: April 20, 2012
LE 1200
Price: $74.95

Three Little Pigs
& Big Bad Wolf
Three Little Pigs (1933)
Artist: Monty Maldovan
Release Date: March 2012
LE: 1200
Price: $44.95

Roger Rabbit
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)
Artist: Maria Clapsis
Release Date: July 27th (D-Streets and Online)
LE: 1200
Price: $44.95

Roger looks great on this large canvas.

Bolt (2008)
Artist: TBA
Release Date: July 20th D-Streets
& August 10 Online
LE: 1000
Price: $18.95

A great expression on this hamster's face and wow! It comes inside his own ball. Brilliant!

Bernard and Bianca
The Rescuers (1977)
Artist: Casey Jones
Release Date: January 12, 2012
LE: 1200
Price: $26.95

Saturday, July 28, 2012

SDCC So Tasty Update

The Playwright wrote into us because he just received his SDCC So Tasty Vinylmation in the mail from the Disney Store Online.

I got my whole set of 8 comic con "exclusives" in the mail today.  As per your request on the podcast, here is a picture of the front and back of the vinyl.

It does have the comic con sticker and nowhere does it say it's limited edition of any kind.

The Playwright

Friday, July 27, 2012

9" Gepetto Animation 2 Released in Disneyland Paris

@VM_Paris tweeted a picture today that shows the 9" Animation 2 Gepetto has been released in Disneyland Paris.
We are still waiting on a release date to be announced for the US.

Once Upon a Pin Podcast #007 - July 25, 2012

Once Upon A Pin is a podcast all about Disney Pins. We deliver all the latest news, release dates and reviews with a fun Disney magic twist.

This week we talk about the new Disney Soda Fountain Pin Release FAQs, more Epcot 30th pins, a ton new release dates and the DLR Car Show pin event. Listen in Popup Player Download

Duffy the Disney Bear Explained

Duffy the Disney Bear Explained
Release Date: July 22, 2012 (Facebook) and July 29, 2012 (D-Streets)
Price: $14.95
Artist: Monty Maldavon
Details: Open window box. 2 initial figures. Expected Summer 2012 release. Duffy first appeared as "The Disney Bear" in 2002 as a marketing gimmick to promote the opening of the Once Upon The Toy store in Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney. After poor sales, the bear was pulled from the shelves. Then, in 2004, Duffy the Disney Bear debuted in Tokyo Disney as a plush and park character. In the fall of 2012, Duffy joined the US Disney Parks at both EPCOT and DCA as well as Hong Kong Disneyland. In 2011, Duffy made is way to Disneyland Paris. Duffy plush can be purchased and then dressed in numerous outfits sold around the Parks included other Disney characters, World Showcase outfits and of course his sailor outfit.

Update 7/28/14 Duffy Chaser Revealed
Photo by Vinylmation Exchange member Arturo Garcia Jr

Update 6/22/12 Both Duffy Bears are now available to order online at Disney's Vinylmation Facebook Store. They will be there exclusively until the June 29th release at stores.

picture from Disney Parks Blog

Sailor Duffy

Disney changes the mold for this lovable bear. The large rounded body and arms and legs sticking out putting Duffy in a sitting pose make for the perfect look that makes it distinctly different from the Mickey mold. It's an inviting pose that will attract both the Duffy lover and casual guest. The Mickey paw prints are also well shown off in this pose. A good looking hat as well as some "indentations' in the face for the eyes, nose and mouth.
picture from Disney Parks Blog

Flocked Duffy

This version has a peach fuzz like feel to it.

Disney North: Pook-A-Looz Vinyls?

In my last post about Mindstyle's Stitch figures, I alluded to another series of vinyls set to be released by Mindstyle. But first some history...

In the last few years you might have seen some different looking plush at Disney Parks and the Disney Store. These plush, known as Pook-A-Looz, were inspired by designer toy culture. The plush have the look of being hand sewn. Disney produced many characters in this style. Most of these characters were mass produced while some were rare and have become pretty hard to find. Disney also produced a wide range of accessories to go along with the plush, including shirts and handbags.

Rare Figment Pook-A-Looz

I've not seen the plush available in Disney Stores anymore and I think there were only a few left at Disney Parks during my last trip to WDW in October 2011. There are some Muppets Pook-A-Looz still available on the FAO Schwartz website at a reduced costs.  It seems Disney has abandoned the entire series, in favor of Vinylmation. I guess Disney originally figured Pook-A-Looz would have the same success as our favorite vinyl toys.
Pook-A-Looz Handbag

How does Mindstyle work into this equation? In January of 2011, the company posted a string of blog posts teasing a release of equivalent vinyl figures. The designs are exactly like the plush. Very little information is given about the series. Since the line is a pretty much history, my guess is these will never be produced. Check out some of the pictures of the vinyls below.

I never purchased any of the plush but they did intrigue me. If the vinyls were produced, I no doubt, would have purchased them all. What do you think? Would you have collected the Pook-A-Looz figures?

Editor's Note:
I couldn't post this article from Disney North without giving my own opinion. I have to admit, I was a Pook-A-Looz collector.
It started with Buzz and Woody, but soon grew to a collection of about 15-20. They went on sale and could be picked up for only a few bucks. I agree with Disney North, they seemed to just not catch on as a collectible like Disney thought they would. 

Although Disney produced some special edition ones, like 40th anniversary Mickey and Minnie and Broadway Mary Poppins (only for purchase at the Broadway store or online), the product line fizzled out.

My personal favorite is the Toy Story Alien that was only released in Japan.

Release Day: Friday, July 27, 2012

Roger Rabbit and The Land 9" figures are both online and at D-Street
Last night, the links to purchase these figures went live at Midnight PST, but were hidden from searches for a good half hour. People also had issues checking out to purchase Roger Rabbit, but there seemed to plenty of quantity of the 1200 total available online as it is still available today. Or at least we all think this morning? I, along with many others got our confirmation emails... but past experience makes us hold our breath until the package arrives.
The Park 9 Combo Topper is also out today, only at D-Streets.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Villains 3 Attempt DHS Takeover

Villains 1 set up a stronghold at the Swiss Family Treehouse, but ultimately could not conquer the Magic Kingdom.Villains 2 harnessed the powers of Epcot to destroy Walt Disney World, but fell short at the poisoned well. I thought they had learned their lesson until a scorching hot summer day at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Austin and I were just minding our own business, going on our favorite rides when out of no where the attack began. Villains 3 thought that by capturing the power of the movies and sabotaging the rides, they could rule Walt Disney World.
Judge Frolo wasn't pleased the US park stole this car stunt show idea from Disneyland Paris. So his devious plan was to take it out, flooding the rest of the park with overflow crowds!
He also decided to conquer New York City while he was here.
The Coachman hijacked some prop cars around the studio to take guests to Pleasure Island (in Downtown Disney) where they were forced to watch the human statue show for hours and hours on end.
Gaston was on his way to take over the Beauty and the Beast theater, but then he caught his reflection in the water fountain and began thinking "wow, you're ridiculously good looking, maybe you could do that for a career."
Oh how Gideon wanted so much to be a famous actor. And fame would bring him power. And with power he could help the Villains rule WDW! So he planted his memorabilia inside Sid Cahuenga's where people would see it and think he was famous. Sure, it's a long term plan, but he's just not that devious.
The Queen of Hearts became ruler of the movies. Only the best films would now be made or else... You guessed it... Off with their heads!
Chernabog made an appearance in Fantasmic to let loose his evil spirits onto the crowd.
Look who we found hiding in a corner inside the Hollywood Tower Hotel. Ratigan was lurking around, chewing on the elevator cables.
Smee wanted to enlist only the best pirates for his crew. Where better to find pirates than... The American Idol Experience! Why? Everyone knows the best Pirates also love to sing! "Yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me!"
Tick Tock was lurking in the swamps.
Madame Medusa used this magic film strip to steal the fortunes of all the Disney film characters.
Mortimer Mouse was seen sneaking around the Disney Animation building.
His plan was to have himself drawn into every Mickey Mouse cartoon ever made. Replacing Mickey with himself and therefore changing history and becoming the most powerful cartoon on earth!
The great Disney animators were too smart for this trick, and Mickey remained the #1 mouse. But a pair of Villains have still been unaccounted for...
Si and Am wanted nothing more than to share their golden voices with people world wide. They were spotted sneaking around back stage.
There, they found the secret Cast Members Only recording studio.
The plan was to hypnotize everyone with their spooky chants.
But then they got distracted. A back stage pass!
And a chance meeting with the legend himself. The excitement made the sinister cat duo forget all about their evil plans... for now.