Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Park 13 Explained

Park 13
8 Figure Blind Box Series
Expected to be released in November 2013

08/29/13 Today Vinylmation World posted some pics of the Park 13 series. What do you think of these? Where do you think the Bellhop we saw earlier fit into this set?

The Head Salesman
(Trader Sam, Chief Name)
Jungle Cruise
Magic Kingdom

Long time coming. Beautiful design with umbrella and flowers in the ears. We still need a Park Starz version.
There is a ton of talk about his name and both sides are kind of correct. This figure for sure represents the Magic Kingdom version and not the Disneyland version. But here is a link to the best article I could find about the name. It is from a former Jungle Cruise Skipper.

Three Headed Troll
Norway, Epcot

A beautifully drawn depiction of the most memorable part of this attraction. The canvas is full of color and personality.

Box 'O Bot Target
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spun
MK, Disneyland

Odd choice, but a neat nod to a fun attraction. A good overall design with the Zurg targets and starry ears.

Claire de Room
It's Tough to be a Bug
Animal Kingdom, DCA

Very simple figure. Not my first choice for a character from this attraction, but she does decorate a fun billboard.

Mr. Toads Wild Ride
MK, Disneyland

Nice simple look on a popular character from a beloved attraction. Love the pitch fork.

Injun Joe's Cave
Tom Sawyer's Island
Magic Kingdom

A nice feature in the cave itself, but an odd depiction on the vinyl.

Catastrophe Canyon
Backlot Tour

The attractions needs to go. But this part was always fun. Explosions, fire and gushing water taking guests back stage of action movie's special effect. The design is full of action and really puts you on the ride.

Pardon Our Pixie Dust
Mystery Chaser
Disney Theme Parks

A wonderful chaser depicting the famous signs Imagineers post around construction zones at the Disney parks.

Pardon Our Pixie Dust
Variant Chaser
Disney Theme Parks

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