Friday, December 13, 2013

ZoMG: A Look at Cutesters Snow Day

With the holidays right around the corner it makes sense that we have received a preview of the upcoming Cutesters Snow Day Vinylmation series. I wish these would come out before the holidays, they would look so adorable next to my other Christmas decorations. This series is a must have for me.

First we have what at first glance I thought was a snowman, until I looked at the other side of the figure and saw a tail. This brings me to believe it is a Narwahl. A Narwahl is a medium sized whale that lives year round in the Arctic. Which makes perfect sense for the Snow Day series. The Narwahl is simply adorable.

Then we have the seal with ear muffs. I love the addition of ear muffs to this figure, the baby seal obviously needs them to stay warm on a snow day!

The next figure I think is one of my favorites. The cloud with snowflakes falling down. Here in Southern California we don't any snow but I will say, if we did I hope it would have an adorable smile and look as perfect as this figure.

Then we have the owl wrapped in a warm scarf, who looks warm and ready to play with his other snow day friends.

Caley Hicks did a great job with the deer and fox figures. They have such cute faces and I love that the deer is getting festive with a holiday sweater and that the fox has paw print gloves.

Next we have the polar bear in a festive sweater and ice skates. I love the ice skate addition to this figure. I love the Mickey and Minnie set released last month that had the ice skates as well. I think it is a really fun addition to these winter themed sets.

Last but not least we have the chaser. I love that Maria Clapsis decided to use the Minnie Mouse platform for this figure. Not only is the Christmas tree smiling and adorable but she has a bow on the top of her head. Now I know that the figure has a clear bow but I still love that she decided to put the tree on this platform. It really adds character. The Minnie shoes serve as the tree trunk and she has adorable gloves on to keep her warm while she goes to play with her other Snow Day friends.

I think this is a great addition to the Cutesters series. I loved all the beach/summer themed series and it's great to see another season. I can't wait to head over to D-Street on January 17th to get these and add them to next year's holiday decor.

Happy Holidays everyone!!


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