Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Where In the World Do You Vinyl?: NYC Specific Figures

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of “Where in the World do you Vinyl” with Brendt and Ben. With this post, we’d like to review a couple of vinyls recently released that are very dear to us, as well as get in a general discussion about vinyls that are released exclusively in certain areas as opposed to others.

The vinyls we would like to review are the new New York City exclusives.  When we saw that these were coming exclusively to Times Square, we jumped with excitement, as we both live relatively close to NYC and rarely do exclusive vinyls get released outside of the parks.  These consist of the ‘Greetings from NYC’ postcard vinyl, as well as 3 new juniors which each represent a profession that are symbolic with New York City.

The ‘Greetings from NYC’ vinyl can only loosely be called an exclusive, however, as it has been released online as well as in Times Square.  Nevertheless, it is a wonderful representation of New York City.  The first image that immediately jumps out is the Minnie version of the Statue of Liberty.  We love how Enrique Pita’s wonderful design lives on in this vinyl.  It’s a nice little homage.

There are other landmarks present; including Union Square, and even the Times Square Disney Store gets a shout out.  The backs of the ears even have little apples painted on!  Down by the figure’s feet is the iconic skyline, which is a darker blue, which looks nice against the red backdrop of the figure.  The one minor gripe we have with this release is the fact that it is presented in an open window case and not a tin.  All of the other NYC, and even other city releases have come in a tin, so why break this streak?  There is something extra special about that presentation, and something a little cheaper about the open window appearance.  Overall a great design by Nacho Rodriguez.

But the real treasure comes with these juniors.  We never thought we would say this but there are actually juniors that we must have.  In fact, juniors have really taken a turn for the better lately and are definitely becoming much cooler.  The Star Wars droids set was the first time we heard people saying that there were juniors that they had to have, and its nice that another format of Vinylmation is becoming popular.

Anyway, these three figures are some of the most detailed juniors we have ever seen.  Mickey is represented as an NYPD officer, Donald Duck is an FDNY firefighter, and Goofy is a cab driver, all iconic occupations in NYC.  Some of the detail here is outstanding, as the expressions on each of the figures are superb, and Donald even has fire in his ears, as well as a painted skyline in Goofy’s.  Hats off to Enrique Pita for 3 awesome designs.

These 4 new figures got us thinking about how excited we were at the prospect of exclusive vinyls being released at a location near to us, until we realized that this is a regular occurrence for people who live close to the parks.  D-Street is, and will probably always be, the Mecca of exclusive vinyl releases.  Sadly, for us who live away from the parks, we’ll probably always be on the outside looking in.  What’s strange is that for the most part, these D-Street exclusives, remain D-Street exclusives and rarely make it online.  However, many of the city exclusives end up on online and no longer make it exciting to visit these cities.  The whole point of city specific vinyl’s should be making it special to get these vinyls, in the same way that we feel when we travel all that way and visit D-Street.

Needless to say, it doesn't change the fact that there are some great vinyls released elsewhere. New York is just one of many cities that have seen exclusives released that represent them.  So we ask you guys, are there exclusives released outside of D-Street that you absolutely love? Maybe another vinyl in the “City” series? Are you also jealous that you don’t get to partake in the craziness that is a D-Street release? We’re dying to know!!!

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