Saturday, January 4, 2014

MC's Top Ten Vinylmation Stories of 2013?

Instead of a top ten Vinylmation stories, I'm going to write about something more personal, the highlights of Destination Vinylmation this year. If you haven't heard or seen these posts you should check them out.

5. The 2013 Christmas Special

We always have a lot of fun creating our yearly Christmas episode. This year I think we pulled off the best one yet. Nick took a classic and turned it into a unique story about how Vinylmation effects us all, sometimes to an exaggerated degree. This episode also represented the most guest voices we've ever had.

4. Brendt's Role in Destination Vinylmation

This year we had Brendt come into the fold as a DV cast member. He's been able to help out with a lot of the day to day news for the site. Thank you Brendt!

3. The March Custom Madness Contest

We had a great roll out of a new event at Destination Vinylmation this year. The Custom Madness contest was awesome and we had an amazing turn out in submissions and voting. Thanks to everyone who participated.

2. Reflections of Evil coverage

This year we tried something new, and I think it worked well. Nick went to the show and I stayed home and posted to the site. We managed to break a lot of news as well as post some great images. Our live coverage of the talk was also great, despite Disney prohibiting recording and pictures during it. (And why? We still don't know)

1. 2013 DeeVees

This marked our third year, and our third awards show. We added several categories, including increasing our custom awards, and had a solid turn out. We can't thank everyone enough for being there to make this website and our podcast possible. Thanks to everyone in the community and here's to 2014!

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