Friday, January 3, 2014

Millennium Middle School Vinylmation Mascot Posters

A couple times a year, we like to check in with Brandon and Melissa's art portfolio students at the Millennium Middle School in Sanford, FL. They finished a new project that they wanted to share.

What was the goal of this project?
The goal of our project was to create a visual representation of college goals and future dreams for each student.

What was the direction given to the students?
Brandon and I were tasked with this project near the beginning of our Vinylmation unit.  We were happy to do it, but really didn’t want to lose our Vinylmation momentum, so we thought we’d use the Mascot series as our inspirations and have the students customize them.  So we asked our students to mix and match features from the mascots and then add their future college logo and name to the clothes and accessories.  One ear contains their college graduation year, while the other contains the “tools of the trade” of their future career.

What is the size of the posters?
The posters are 28” by 20”.

Are they on display?
They are currently on display all around campus to remind students they should be looking towards the future.

How did the final projects come out?
Amazing!  Our AP loved them, we get compliments all of the time, and the kids really enjoyed it.  Our administrative team liked them so much, they have commissioned personalized ones for themselves.

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