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Star Wars Weekends 2014 Explained

Star Wars Weekends 2014 Explained
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from May 16 - June 15

A fifth weekend, nightly fireworks and a ticked event were added this year. Hyperspace Hoopla was taken away. Join Star Wars celebrities and characters for special shows, exciting presentations and more! From Friday to Sunday each weekend, immerse yourself in the beloved saga that takes place in a galaxy far, far away.

We will focus on merchandise on this page, for detailed information visit Disney's event page.

Update 05/23/15 The Week 5 Vinylmation were revealed as an LE 2000 Jawa and R5-D4 Droid. Will be released at Darth's Mall on June 13 for $29.95. It will also be released at Disneyland on June 16th. This makes it the only LE Star Wars 4 release with a stated Disneyland release as well.

Update 05/15/14 It was Rebel Rendezvous today (check out a look inside Darth's Mall, the SWW shop, here) and we got a first peek at merchandise along with the release of the R2 Eachez! Although the boxes said Limited Release and there was no printed edition size on the feet, we were assured this was an LE 2,500 product. However, no purchase limits were adhered to. Normally guests are limited to 2 LE items.

The figure itself was designed by Thomas Scott and has an amazing all over gloss finish that must be seen in person to appreciate. It is a stunning figure. Solid feel and crisp, clear design. R2-MK was seeded in 9 out of every 10 boxes. While R2-D2, the variant was 1 in 10.

Star Wars 4 was also released today and we reviewed the set while at DHS (thanks to Ian) and you can hear that on the upcoming podcast.

A Luke Skywalker variant was also revealed. It depicts Luke after being beat up by the Wampa and the ears are changed to depict being inside the cave. LOVE IT!

Update 04/22/14 At last night's WDW Trade Night, Disney previewed the 2014 Star Wars Weekends lineup. There will a new release each weekend and they previewed the first fourth and told us the fifth was a surprise and would include a surprise D-Tech release as well. The R2 Eachez was also explained in more detail. Here is a look week-by-week:

Rebel Rendezvous - May 15th

The LE 2,500 R2 Eachez will be first available to Rebel Rendezvous attendees. This is a ticketed event, and guests were allowed to pre-purchase up to two of these Eachez blind boxes. Guests will be allowed to purchase up to two more at the event itself. The remaining unsold quantity will be made available the next day, the first day of Star Wars Weekends. There will be none specifically held over for the 16th, only those not sold on the 15th.

Week 1 - May 16th

The 4th blind box Star Wars set will be released on the first weekend (May 19th at Disneyland). We know 4 figures in this set: Hoth Luke, Hoth Han, Snowtrooper and, the big reveal last night, Bossk the Bounty Hunter.

Week 2 - May 23rd

A 3"/Jr. combo featuring Luke Skywalker and Yoda training on Dagobah will be released on weekend number 2.It is an LE 2000, with a retail price of $29.95.

Week 3 - May 30th

The third week will see the release of the LE 1000 9" Rancor with 3" Trainer. Designed by Casey Jones it will retail for $59.95. 

Week 4 - June 6th

Continuing the hologram collection, Emperor Palpatine will be released as an LE 2,000 for $16.95 on weekend four.

Week 5 - June 13th

Jawa and Droid. LE 2000, $29.95.

Update 03/04/14 The Rebel Rendezvous catalog was released today. See all the merchandise here. We have also updated sections below.


Update 03/04/14 The following Vinylmation offerings will be at Star Wars Weekends.

A selection of Star Wars Vinylmation will be available at the ticketed Rebel Rendezvous event including Star Wars series 4 and the LE 9" Rancor and 3" keeper. There will also seemingly be the opportunity to purchase Star Wars 4 as a complete set, but only at the ticketed event. The "Complete Set" now seemingly refers to the pre-production 1 of 1 lot above.

The merchandise store, Darth's Mall, at Star Wars Weekends will have Star Wars 4 blind boxes, the LE Rancor and hopefully more.


The Alliance leaders are summoning the most loyal Rebels in the galaxy to gather at the Rebel Rendezvous on Thursday, May 15, 2014 between 10AM and 5PM at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Join the Rebel Alliance at this covert meeting place to gather supplies and other limited edition acquisitions in preparation for the upcoming Star Wars Weekends engagement. Look alert!  The Rendezvous Point is located on the Outer Rim near the known whereabouts of Bounty Hunters and an Imperial presence!

Packages for the Rebel Rendezvous are $250 per person and include the following:

- Exclusive access to Darth’s Mall one day before it opens to the public.
- Limited edition recruitment pack (includes a custom messenger bag, cadet hat, tumbler, lanyard, pin & medal set). Items are only available to Rebel Rendezvous attendees on May 15, 2014.
- Preferential opportunity to purchase select 2014 Star Wars™ Weekends merchandise, including, but not limited to:

  • Customized Rebel Rendezvous merchandise, including D-Tech on Demand cell phone cases and Aurebesh nametags
  • Special bundle pack that includes a unique Disney Gift Card design with Rebel carrying case
  • Limited edition merchandise created for Star Wars™ Weekends 2014
  • Star Wars™ Weekends 2014 event logo apparel and souvenir items
  • New Vinylmation™ releases, including opportunities to acquire full sets

- Ashley Eckstein meet &greet and product signing, featuring the new collection of Her Universe apparel
- Rebel activities, including special meet & greet and signing opportunities with characters and Disney artists
...And more

Rebel Rendezvous reservations will begin online March 4, 2014 at 1pm Eastern at www.DisneyParksMerchandise.com.


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