Monday, May 5, 2014

Star Wars 4 Explained

Star Wars 4 Explained

Release Date: May 16th at WDW and May 19th at DLR and Online
Artists: Casey Jones and Maria Clapsis
Price: $12.95 per blind box

Star Wars 4 is a blind box series of 11 figures and a mystery chaser.

Update: 05/18/14 Added chaser below

Leia on Bespin

Nice, different design and great background in the ears.

Luke on Hoth

The face is not as great as the LE Luke/Yoda, but I like the design overall. Great detail from the movie.

Han on Hoth

Love the smirk. Would have liked an accessory too here though.


A hilarious edition to the set. Beautiful design. Sliced open variant? Scratch and sniff?


This will make a great companion to the other 'troopers' that we have.


Another bounty hunter. Awesome design but would have liked an accessory here.


Another bounty hunter. I wish he had a different gun accessory from 4-LOM.


The Bounty Hunter. This guy was previewed at the Trading Night this month. Perfect, detailed design. Great weapon.


Another bounty hunter, very cool design.


Part of a group of slaves on Cloud City. Kind of boring design for me.

R2 on Dagobah

Nice way to vary up the R2 figure. The mud fits perfectly into the story and the ears are wonderful.

Mystery Chaser

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