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Mickey Through the Years Explained

Mickey Through the Years
Burbank Studio Store Exclusive
Release Date: Various
Artist: Enrique Pita
This is a series of three combo packs with two 3" figures in each combo for a total of six. Each figure will feature Mickey Mouse at a point in his history.

Update 03/06/14 Enrique Pita has announced a March 20 release date for the third and final Mickey Through the Years LE 2-pack. Like the previous packs, it will be released at the Burbank Studio Store.

Update 01/19/14 Enrique Pita posted a photo of the third and final combo on Instagram. It is expected to release in March.It is Mail Pilot and Brave Little Tailor Mickey.

Update 11/18/13 Product photos of series 2 added.

Update 10/25/13 Today a photo of a poster was posted on Enrique Pita's Facebook page announcing the release of his second Mickey Through the Years combo pack on November 7th at the Burbank Studio Store with a signing from 11am - 1pm.

The poster also unveiled the identity of the next two figures... Plane Crazy Mickey and Bandleader Mickey.

This continues the trend of a black and white Mickey packaged with a colorized version and also includes two of the six figures from the film strip art on the packaging of the first combo. Leading us to believe that series 3 will contain Mail Pilot Mickey and Mickey and the Beanstalk. We had heard unofficially the releases would be spaced only 4 months apart, but this one took almost 8, so no word when series 3 will be released.

Update 03/28/13 The first combo pack was released today, March 28. The artist Enrique Pita was on hand to sign the figures and meet with guests. The first combo features Steamboat Willie Mickey (1928) and Modern Mickey (2000's).

We heard there will be about a four month break between each release. If you take a look at the box (or bottom of the flyer from the release), we can surmise what the other four figures now will be.
From Left to right: Steamboat Willie, Plane Crazy, Mail Pilot, Band Concert, Mickey and the Beanstalk, Modern Mickey. So it seems as though each time, a Black and White Mickey will be paired with a color version.

Update 03/20/13 Enrique Pita, the artist of the upcoming exclusive Studio Store "Mickey Through the Years" series posted another photo on Facebook. And also confirmed they are both 3" figures.

Update 03/16/13 Enrique Pita, the artist of the upcoming exclusive Studio Store "Mickey Through the Years" series posted this photo on Facebook.
It was expected that Steamboat Willie would be in this series... but this photo shows that he will be holding an accessory ship wheel! We are very excited for this exclusive series. It will in fact be sold in 2 figure combo packs with a total of three combos spread out over three releases. Steamboat will be paired with Modern Mickey (seen below) and released on March 28th at the Studio Store on the Burbank Lot with a signing by Enrique Pita.

Update 02/26/13 We were directed to an eBay auction from a seller in Hong Kong (toyhouse6) of a 3" Mickey titled "Mickey Through the Years: Modern Mickey."

It seems likely this is the Studio Store Mickey talked about in this article, however that is not confirmed. Also, this figure is stated as "used" and appears to be a dumpster diver figure. Meaning it is a figure not meant for release and our standard warnings about purchasing such figures do apply.

We received a voice mail (209-28-MOUSE) from a listener alerting us to a new exclusive Vinylmation release coming to the Disney Studio Store on the Disney Studio Lot on Thursday, March 28. We do not have a photo at this time, but the March 28th release is called "Mickey Through the Years" and is said to be the first in a series of three. The announcement was made on the Cast Member Hub and says there are limited quantities but does not give a number. It also states that artist Enrique Pita will be on hand to sign the figure on that day.
Photo from Disney Wikia

What are your three favorite versions of Mickey? The Orlando Sentinel has a nice photo gallery from few years back celebrating Mickey through the years.

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