Sunday, March 2, 2014

Star Wars 4 Explained

Star Wars 4 Explained
Release Date: May 15 (Rebel Rendezvous ticked event), May 16th (Star Wars Weekends at DHS)
Blind Box series of 12 based on Empire Strikes Back. There is 1 variant.

Updated 03/04/14 With information taken from the Rebel Rendezvous merchandise catalog we now know this series is a set of 12 and has 1 variant. We also think that the statement on the Rebel Rendezvous event page about an opportunity to purchase a full set might allude to the opportunity to purchase the pre-production set shown in the photo below and not a complete set of 12.

Updated 03/02/14 Originally, we thought this series would be all Hoth based, now we know from the R2-D2 on the box that is all Empire Strikes Back. This makes it the second Empire based set (Series 1), but we already see a huge difference in the designs. It looks like there might not only be an opportunity to purchase blind boxes and the Rancor at Rebel Rendezvous, but from the wording on the Disney Blog, also the chance to purchase Star Wars 4 as a full set.
Snow Tropper, R2-D2 (box), Han Solo, Luke Skywalker

9" Rancor and 3" handler LE combo

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