Thursday, March 6, 2014

Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Brenda Killackey-Jones

Today we are shining the custom spotlight on Brenda Killackey-Jones from Rochester, NY.

Were you into creating artwork before custom vinylmation?
Yes, I have a fine arts degree from Colgate University.  I have always painted, sculpted or designed jewelry.  I love creating Vinylmations as it combines my obsession with Disney and the ability to create something new!

What is your favorite Disney Vinylmation figure?
My favorite Vinylmation figure is the 9" Alice in Wonderland set.  I bought this one for my daughter, and she loves it!  The fact that it came with a tiny Alice, and a. "Eat me" and "Drink me" junior Vinylmation is very creative and cool.  She loves to pretend with the figures and they really make her happy!

What is your personal favorite custom that you have done?
I just finished a Haunted Mansion Gargoyle.  It uses clay, resin, wood and paint.  It is the most complicated one that I have made, I will be making a limited edition of 25 since I have quite a few friends who wanted one!  Each one takes about 3 hours to complete!

What have you learned from creating your customs that you can pass onto other custom artists?
I have learned to try not to get frustrated!  Sometimes it can be frustrating to find that a sculpt or mold did not come out as planned, especially after spending hours trying to get it just right!  Sometimes you just have to try something else, or put it away for the day, and start fresh the next day!

What's next?
I am thinking of making a series of Alice in Wonderland pieces that look like the artwork from the Tim Burton movie.

Do you sell your work?
Yes.  I need to make room to make more!  I also will do requests. On Facebook, I am at: Or you can email me at:

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