Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Silly Symphony Explained

Silly Symphony Series
Release date: September 27th
Artist: Monty Maldovan
Price: $12.95
8 figure blind box series (plus a special D23 two pack)

Update 10/01/13 Variant revealed. Green version of Boogy Monster. Photo from Anthony Palmer.

Abner the Mouse
from: The Country Cousin (1936)

from: The Robber Kitten (1935)

(pic from drgrobsanimationreview.com)
Elmer Elephant
from: Elmer Elephant (1936)

(pic from disney.wikia.com)
Evil Tree
from: Flowers and Trees 1932

(pic from www.disneyshorts.org)
Old King Cole
from: Mother Goose Melodies (1931)
Ugly Duckling
from: The Ugly Duckling (1939)
(pic from alottalists.blogspot.com/2013/06/best-silly-symphonies.html)
Smoke Monster
from: Lullaby Land (1933)

Mystery Chaser
No idea what this is, but it really should be the Lady bird from Who Killed the Cock Robin (1935)

Click image to see chaser.

There will be a special set at D23.
The Flying Mouse
from: The Flying Mouse (1934)

from: The Flying Mouse (1934)

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