Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Kim Grishaber

Destination Vinylmation: How did you get into art?
Kim Grishaber: I actually just recently got into art. My sister Kelly and a custom artist VinylPaul had made my son custom Vinylmation. So I thought my son Nick and I would enjoy an art project together and we attempted to make some custom Vinylmation. Once I did that, I found that I loved it and just went from there. So it's only been about five to six months. 

DV: How long have you been collecting Vinylmation?
KG: My older son, Nick and I have been collecting vinyls since 2011 and now we even have my younger son Grayson collecting. We used to collect pins before that. 

DV: Why did you choose the Alice scene to create?
KG: The reason I thought to create a fun Alice in Wonderland scene was because its just a fun set with fun characters. I have always loved the part where Alice plays croquet with the flamingo and the adorable hedgehog. So I messed around with clay and a junior Vinylmation and made my own versions to put with our Alice set. 

DV: What was the toughest part in creating the Alice scene?
KG: I actually had to make the flamingo several times to get it just right. 

DV: What inspired your to do the Haunted Mansion figures?
KG: The Haunted Mansion ones I have made are my favorite so far. My husband Vince, two sons and myself LOVE The Haunted Mansion and it is our favorite ride at Disney World and has been an obsession with my older son since he was four! So I knew I wanted to try and make some Haunted Mansion vinyls for his collection. I even found some unique looking variations of vinyls through another custom artist and tried to use those, to make the hitchhiking ghosts. 

DV: Those smaller ones look like juniors with weird heads, what's going on with them?
KG: They are a little bigger than a jr and have square heads. I definitely think my Haunted Mansion 9" was one of my best works for something I did in the very beginning and the caretaker with dog jr set. 

DV: Who is your favorite Disney Vinylmation artist?
KG: My favorite Disney Vinylmation artist is Casey Jones. But I have several custom artists that I love as well. As of right now, most of my work on vinyls and canvas is done for my family and friends. But I do also make things if possible for others. 

DV: Where can people find more of your artwork?
KG: You can find me in several Vinylmation trading groups on Facebook, such as Vinylmation Exchange, Vinylmation Kingdom, and Vinyl Madness. Hope everyone enjoys what I have done! It has been a pleasure to try and create something fun and that I love! 

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