Thursday, October 24, 2013

Disney Infinity Figures Based on Vinylmation?

For a Disney fan who is a gamer, the Disney Infinity video game is a remarkable thing. The game play highly enjoyable and addictive, and you get to collect toys to go along with it! The figures that you purchase and use along with the game itself are wonderfully detailed and of surprisingly high quality that make them collectibles in their own right. And according to an article on the Disney Insider Blog, they may have partly been based on Vinylmation.
Jon and his fellow artists went down a lot of different paths before landing on the signature Disney Infinity style. “In the beginning, we tried a number of different style wrappers. We tried making them plush, making them like bath toys, making them like bobble-heads. At one point we even tried making them all like paper cutouts.” The key, according to Jon, was to think in terms of the toys they themselves wanted to own. “It wasn't until we decided that this is an opportunity to make designer collectible figures that it really came together. What we all liked and we already had on our desks at the time were these urban vinyl toys.” This was a chance to work with some of popular culture’s most famous characters, and the team accepted the responsibility that came with such well known and regarded personalities.
The article is fascinating with it's look at the evolution of not only the video game itself, but the toys that go along with it. Read the whole article here.

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