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Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Explained

Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Explained
Release Date: April 25
$12.95 per blind box
Artist: Casey Jones
The Pirates of the Caribbean attraction opened in Disneyland park in 1967 and the Magic Kingdom park in 1973.

Update 04/27/14 First Variant found. Glow in the dark Helmsman Skeleton. Photo from Vinylmation Exchange. (Variant is on the right)

Update 04/23/14 Full set seen in person at WDW Trade Night. Chaser revealed, and is one of my favorites of all time (see chaser below).

photo from
He presides over the auction of women in one of the show scenes. We had a Park 3 version of this character as well, but this is a great update:

Davy Jones
A fun effect, Davy Jone's image is reflected onto a mist screen. Wow! Flat out wonderful design.

Skeleton Helmsman
photo from
This dead pirate once piloted a ship and is perpetually stuck in a storm. I love the rain and lightning in the ears.

The Red Head
photo from
Everyone wants the Red Head. She is waiting to be auctioned off in this famous show scene. This is a wonderful rendition, but comes after the perfect Park Starz 2 version:

Jailed Pirate
The bars in the ears are great. We at first couldn't match the figure to the exact AA, but DDG artist Casey Jones sent me the above reference photo.

Man at the Well
photo from
He plays the flute as his pirate comrades use water torture on poor Carlos.

photo from
Poor guy... whatever info he has, he is not giving it up. He is perpetually being dunked in the well. A great variant would be him spitting out water!

Mystery Chaser
Peg Leg Parrot

Mine: Man balancing at boat with many hats. Peg Leg Parrot.

YES!!!!!!! Love it!!!!! Perfection.

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