Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Park Starz 3 Explained

Park Starz 3 Explained
Release Date: June 6, 2014

Preview of figures at April 22nd WDW Trade Night gave us our first in person look at the series, but did not show us any new figures for the base set. I do love the shapes in person. Sonny and Dreamfinder are very unique from what we have seen so far. And Trixie has an actual clear tear dripping down her face!

It was revealed, not a huge surprise, that Ezra the Hitchhiking ghost will have a clear variant version. It will be released on June 27 for $29.95 and will have an edition size of 2,000.

Ezra and ELP float added to the lineup:

Trixie, Sonny Eclipse and Dreamfinder added to the lineup:

First preview of Park Starz 3 from 2013's Reflections of Evil event:

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