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Marvel 2 Spider-Man Explained

Marvel 2 Spider-Man Explained
August 29, 2014
D-Streets and Online
Artist: Thomas Scott

This explained page written by Brendt Mendelblatt

A 12 figure blind box set exclusively featuring Spider-Man, his enemies, allies, and frenemies throughout his illustrious comic book career.  (Note: none of these figures take on the likenesses from either generation of movies)

Peter Parker / Spider-Man

We got his Future Foundation white suit in Series 1, but here we have his classic outfit that we all know and love. An absolutely amazing design, and I love how he has webs in the ears. The skyscrapers also look amazing. A Symbiote “black suit” variant would be a no brainer.

Felicia Hardy / Black Cat

A sometimes ally/sometimes enemy of Spider-Man, this design suffers the same problems that Black Widow had in Series 1, where it just looks a little awkward on the platform.

Norman Osborn/ 
Green Goblin

Arguably, Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis. This one is one of my favorite designs, just because he looks so accurate, but no pumpkin bomb accessory, really?!

J. Jonah Jameson

Peter Parker’s boss at The Daily Bugle who forces him to take pictures of the hero just to slander him all over the papers. This is an absolutely perfect representation in my opinion. The “friend or foe” headline in the ear is amazing!

Sergei Kravinoff / 
Kraven the Hunter

Another member of the Sinister Six. His fur coat looks great on the platform.

Curt Connors / The Lizard

Great addition in the set, the face looks fantastic and I love the slime dripping from the ears. The lab coat looks a little awkward in the back.

Quentin Beck / Mysterio

Wow!! I love that we have both the “fishbowl” and a cape on this figure. Perfect!! Love the smoke in the ears too. This “Sinister Six” member looks fantastic.

Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich / Rhino

Probably best known for getting butchered by Paul Giamatti this summer. I love the horn popping off of the vinyl, and the ears are a nice continuation from the first series.

Eddie Brock / Venom

Although he is a relatively newer villain, he has grown in popularity and is one of Spider-Man’s most recognized villains. His face and tongue look amazing!

Max Dillon / Electro

Wow, how the newest movie has made me miss this classic look of Electro. Another Sinister Six member, this is another great addition to the set.

Mary Jane Watson

“Face it Tiger… you just hit the jackpot!” Although she isn’t Peter’s first girlfriend, she’s by far the most recognizable love interest in both Spider-Man, as well as the entire Marvel Universe. Love the Spider-Man shirt she’s wearing. There are many variant possibilities that could go with this one.

Mystery Chaser

Really, the only two guesses I have would be a Peter Parker out of his suit, or a Doctor Octopus (with hopefully tentacles coming off of his back). Side note: is there really no Doc Oc in here?!

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