Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Collector's Corner: Crazy4Vinyls

Today we are featuring the collection of a custom artist we know. Here is Crazy4Vinyls's collection.
How long have you been collecting?
I bought my first blind boxes during a trip to WDW when Park 2 was released.  I didn't buy another one until another trip to WDW in January of 2011, when I came home with 40 more.  So I would say I have been collecting since January 2011.

How many Vinylmation do you have?
I think I am a little over 550 at this point.

Who is your favorite Disney Artist?
I would say my favorite artist is Randy Noble.   He is probably most famous for the Park 1 balloon chaser but he also designed my favorite vinylmation.

Favorite Disney Vinylmation you own?
I think that is pretty easy to tell.  It's the Park 2 little green man from toy story.  This was my first vinylmation I ever bought.

Favorite custom you own?
My favorite custom is the LGM candy bowl created by Celeste.  When she was showing off her candy bowl series, I knew I had to have one.  So I contacted her and asked if she could create a claw coming out of the head.  It looks wonderful!

The piece you don't have yet, but consider your holy grail?
That's a hard one because I have many pieces in my collection that would probably top the list of grails.  The one that I am looking to add to my collection is the last tin that I need which would be the Cinderella Tin.

Upcoming set you're most looking forward too?
I'm an old mold collector.  I don't get too excited for many of the new sets that are coming out.  I only have 2 new mold sets in my collection-Furry Friends and Robots 3.   So how about this, I am looking forward to trying to get all of the old mold variants next to add to my collection.

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  1. From what series is the Marie in the second picture? Is it a custom?