Monday, August 25, 2014

Meet the Custom Artists of the Imagination Gala

Each year, custom Vinylmation artists from around the country descend upon Epcot to showcase their work and meet with fans at Disney's yearly trading event. This year we are keeping an updated post on artists you can meet at the event and some of their work you should look out for. As well as any other special offers, sales or giveaways they have to offer.

Here are some of the artists you can meet and how to contact them. (artists are listed in no particular order) You can also hear some of them interviewed on podcast Episode 167.

Josh Edwards

Josh has a Vinylmation Exchange Bid Wars auction going on for his 8 custom Disney Character Haunted Mansion series. These will be sold by the Gala, but on display and available for pick-up by the winning bidders.

He will also have a Figment series on display. These are already sold, but show off his wonderful talent to re-imagine characters into new roles.

And, maybe most exciting for fans, Josh will be giving away 1 custom golden Vinylmation each day he is at WDW. So make sure you follow him on Facebook. He will be giving away his location and what shirt he is wearing each day, and if you find him first, you get the custom!

Heather Kattleman
Vinylmation Customations

Every trade event, Heather has a table full of amazing customs on display... and she always pulls out all the stops for the big event in September. Look for her table full of goodies. If you see Star Wars customs, you are probably at the right spot. 

She also often offers event exclusive customs, and this year is no different. She has just a couple spots left to ORDER her Imagination Gala 3" Gold Custom event exclusive. Pick it up at the Gala or she's offering free shipping to those not attending. Order through her Facebook link above.


Here are a few words from Jennifer:

"This fall I am excited to be celebrating the one year anniversary of Vinylmation Creations of Jen Bednarski. It's been a wild ride from trying my hand at a swap last summer to working nearly full-time, on commissions, this year. Since a very young age, I've loved art and any form of crafting. It's not lost upon me that many of the skills I've tried throughout the years have come together in my custom work. Being able to attend the Imagination Gala will be a dream come true! I am so excited to meet many of the other talented people working on this platform as well as all the awesome collectors. So much of what makes this art form great is the wonderful supportive community. Throughout the year, I have drawn strength and renewed creative energy from their kind and encouraging words. To show my appreciation, I have made a small custom series celebrating the gala theme. 5 golden designs featuring Mickey & some of Disney's finest ladies, dressed up for the big event. In the days following the Imagination Gala, I will be giving away a custom each day from, the different parks I'm attending, to the first person who can find me. Details will be posted at my artist page on Facebook."

Kathlene Evans

I’ve been painting customs for just over a year now. I have a degree in animation so it’s safe to say art has always been an important part of my life. I have always been a huge Disney fan as well! I found out about Vinylmations through the Facebook trading groups and that’s how I eventually got involved with painting them. I will say it was a bit of a challenge at first, painting on a curved 3d canvas, but now that has become my favorite part-figuring out how to fit a character creatively on that 3d canvas. I have had so much fun with this as it pairs two of my favorite things-Disney and painting! I love creating my own ideas and also commissions for other people. The ideas that people can come up with are incredible and I love being able to help bring those ideas to life! Disney has always been an inspiration for my artwork and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to continue painting these and the friendships I’ve made so far! This will be my first big trade event and I’m quite excited to meet everyone!!
(not appearing at the Gala)

I want to share this recent Figment due to the fact that the Imagination Gala is coming up. It is based off of the original attraction and depicts Figment as an artist using colors of the rainbow to illuminate the white atmosphere into a colorful work of art.  I used Swarovski crystals in the pot of colors to replicate the rainbow effect, as Disney buffs know the pavilion was originally supposed to be a mineral and crystal themed pavilion , hence the pyramid shaped building.  If you are interested in custom vinyls you can contact me through my website. Also follow me on Instagram: jchad82

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