Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spotlight On: Oliver's Primary Mickey

This week we got an email from aspiring 11 year old artist who wanted to show off his first custom piece of artwork. We love custom artists here at Destination Vinylmation, and especially enjoy when we can show off people who might not have the ability to show their artwork off themselves. So here's Oliver and his Primary Mickey.
Destination Vinylmation: Hi, Oliver, give us a quick intro on yourself.
Oliver: I am 11 and this is my first custom vinyl.  I have been collecting for a while and while I was in Disneyland I thought I would try a custom out.
DV: It's a great first custom! Do you like being an artist?
O: I think it is cool being a custom artist and like having my own work in my collection.
DV: I think that's what makes Nick do his. Have you done a lot of art?
O: I have done a few designs on paper and hope to try some of them out sometime.
DV: Why did you pic a Rubik's Cube as inspiration?
O: I just thought it was cool doing  a primary color themed Vinylmation.
DV: What's your favorite Disney Vinylmation?
O: If I had to pick my favorite out of my collection I would pick the Burbank Exclusive Director Mickey, I just like how it reminds people of Walt himself.
DV: That's one of our favorites too. What custom Vinylmation design do you think you'll do next?
O: If I do another custom I want to do something Disney themed.
DV: That's a good idea. The community kinda loves Disney. :) Thanks for letting us do a spotlight on ya Oliver, and next time you have something, let us know!

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