Friday, April 5, 2013

Spotlight On: Stephanie Cassata's My Little Vinylmation

Remember that awesome Vinylmation 95 themed to the Candy world of Wreck It Ralph? Well that artist is back with a mash up of Disney and My Little Pony. We got to chat with Stephanie Cassata about her new piece and the tv show too.

Destination Vinylmation: My Little Pony was an interesting choice, what was the inspiration for creating a Vinylmation with them?
Stephanie Cassata: The bright, colorful style of the ponies I felt went great with the Vinylmation shape. Both the show and Disney share a lot of common concepts such as creativity, being positive, and of course magic. So even though there are two different titles represented here, I believe they make a very nice combination.

DV: It looks great, how do you feel about how it came out?
SC: I'm so pleased with how the characters turned out (Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash), even though they're so tiny! The front features the iconic hot air balloon, and the back features the ever-popular sonic rainboom. I really enjoy painting the intricate details on my customs, it's a good challenge and even better to see it come together.

DV: My girlfriend is totally a Twilight Sparkle. What are your favorite ponies?
SC: I really love Fluttershy, she's so sweet and adorable and her attitude is as soft as a marshmallow. I also love Zecora. I like how cool and mysterious she is!

DV: What is My Little Pony actually about?
SC: The show follows the daily lives of six ponies and the everyday challenges and adventures they face (both big and small). Each pony is blessed with a special gift that makes them unique, and they use those gifts to make their lives and the lives of others better. The main character (Twilight Sparkle) is a unicorn with magical powers who studies their friendship and summarizes each episode with a positive life lesson.

DV: Why do you think this version of MLP has captured minds the way it has?
The show is full of bright, colorful characters, catchy music, humor, wit, and feel-good moments. The show is positive and pure, and I think that appeals to the best in everybody. It gives fans of the show a sweet escape they can go to for a while, and has even inspired many people in their own lives. Something like that can do wonders.

DV: So what's your favorite MLP episode?
SC: I think I'd have to say "Magical Mystery Cure". It's a really exciting episode where everything that has happened in the series comes together, and the main characters realize just how deep and important their friendship is. It also has great music and the start of a new chapter in their lives.

DV: Interesting. I know my girlfriend and I really enjoy the writer of the comic book, Katie Cook. We have several pieces of her art. Well, back to your artwork, what was the biggest challenge in creating it?
SC: Painting the little characters and still making them look good! Since this is a 3" mold, the ponies extremely tiny. But I just took my time and focused, and I'm happy with the results.

DV: Thanks for giving us some insight. I might have to actually try watching the show. And great work!

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