Monday, March 18, 2013

R.I.P. Disney Vinylmation Blog?

Oh, Disney Vinylmation Blog. We once visited you with joy each and every day. You were the source of sneak peeks and releases dates for our great hobby. I remember drooling over concept art of vinyls that were months away from release. It was so much fun to see photos of various events and releases. Then, gradually at first, I would check in, but there was nothing new for my eyes to behold. The updates came in weekly drips then monthly droughts. Vinylmation fans were now relegated to rumors of dates, leaked artwork and previews at bi monthly trade events.

As of March 11, 2013, the link to "Blog" on now links to the Disney Theme Park Merchandise Blog. It seems the Vinylmation Blog, as we knew it, is no more. I for one, think this change is welcome. Disney's Merchandise Blog has been a timely and well updated source of information over the past couple months. A consolidation of efforts does make sense. Pins, artwork and other Disney Parks merchandise has been added to that blog. One suggestion for the merchandise blog is it needs a better organizational system. It is sometimes hard to navigate to info we know is there without a direct link. But this site seems to be staffed with people who are given pertinent and correct information to share with all of us.

Somewhere along the way, Disney lost the manpower or ability to update a singular Vinylmation Blog. And that is okay. I wouldn't be surprised if the website continues to exist in a stripped down form. A Vault section is still worthy if kept a little more updated. The Fun section has promotional type downloads to get the brand out there. And the Events page, the most updated portion, is still a nice place to see all the vinyl releases in one place as opposed to the calendar on the merchandise blog that has a variety of items. 

What are your thoughts on the demise of the Vinylmation Blog? With the variety of fan sites and news breaking on Facebook pages... when was the last time you even visited it? Feel free to add your thoughts and alternate Haunted Mansion tombstone epitaphs.

The Vinylmation Blog is survived by its archives, as well as its distant family of other Disney blogs. A candlelight visual will be held at dusk at both D-Streets. In lieu of flowers, Disney asks that you donate money to Cast Members in exchange for Vinylmation.

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