Monday, March 25, 2013

Spotlight On: NRB Relic's Remy

NRB Relic emailed us this cool custom and we thought you guys should know a little more about it.

NRB: HE IS HERE..!!! NRB Relics newest 3" custom Vinylmation inspired by Remy from Ratatouille "Lets Get Cooking". This custom Vinylmation is part of The Custom Artist Project Series 2 PIXAR.

DV: WE're excited too. Pixar is a great choice for a series. One question about your vinyl though. What is the spoon made of?
NRB: Remy's Spoon is made with an apoxie clay that I use on most of my pieces.

DV: Is Ratatouille your favorite Pixar movie?
NRB: Ratatouille is one of my favorites....there are so many wonderful ones to choose from....Remy gave me a chance to add a lot of detail.....! He was truly a blast.....!

DV: Where can we find out more about this figure and the Custom Artist's Project?
NRB: To find out more about this series visit To see more artwork from NRB Relic visit or

DV: Thanks for the info!

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