Monday, March 4, 2013

Everyone Likes a Red Head

Meet the two newest red heads of Vinylmation. First, Julie Young. She has been a long time merchandiser with Disney Pins and according to the Disney Parks Blog is coming over to Vinylmation. She also was in one of Steven Miller's interviews when he joined the team back 9 years ago. Congrats to Julie!

Also, Julie seems to be holding what we can only assume is a Park Starz version of the Red Head from Pirates of the Caribbean. Could this be another Park Starz 2 figure? (She doesn't say anything about the figure in her interview.) How do you think it compares to the famous animatronic?
Thanks to Michael for taking a closer look. He spotted what looks like it maybe be a Park Starz Orange Bird in the background. What do you think?
Well Steven Miller already answered this question, with a big fat YES!
We also noticed the packaging for Park Starz 2...

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