Friday, August 2, 2013

Little Mermaid Vinylmation Explained

8/2/13 Update: Looks like we got confirmation that these will be at D23. In the Sketch to Shelf video we see this in the background which pretty much confirms all th rumors that this set will be released that weekend. So if you're going to D23, get yourself a set of these.

6/13/13 The internet got to see the 11 characters from the Little Mermaid set today. So let's do a rundown...
Here's the box artwork. Very well done.

I think this looks pretty good. The bubbles and sea horse in the ears. Her fins look harder to see and I would like to see the back to see if they give her a "tail" in the artwork.
Prince Eric

Another great use of ears. Eric and Ariel's heads seem  little big for their bodies though.

Great use of a hairpiece. I think this one is definitely one of the best pieces in this set!
King Triton

Of course I love this one. Two accessories! I hope the trident is straighter when we get it, but I think this figure looks great!

I'm not sure what I think about this piece yet. I really enjoyed the use of claws in the previous version. I also think it would be neat to have a tiny accessory Sebastian for Ariel's figure. Not sure I like this one. And nothing in the ears?

Great use of ears! Really nice use of a mohawk accessory! I really like this one. Great use of the head of the platform for the figure and the body to add details (kinda like Mrs. Potts in the Beauty and the Beast set)

Prince Eric's dog looks good. I love the Whiskers and Tales hands! Well done. I like the wind swept look to differentiate from the previous version.

A simple, yet effective piece. Well done. Could it come with an accessory fork?

Interesting choice, but I can't think of someone else who could go here, so woohoo!

Another interesting choice, but the same thing. I think I like the artwork here more then Carlotta.
Glut the Shark

Cool choice. I think I like this choice more then the two above here. And another great use of ears with Flounder!

I was going to say it HAS to be Flotsam and Jetsam, but then I thought maybe it would be Ursula's alternate form.

What do you think it will be?

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