Monday, August 19, 2013

Tokyo 2013 Halloween Vinylmation Revealed

Continuing the tradition of Tokyo dressing Disney characters in costumes for the Halloween Vinylmation, 2013 will see the release of a Witch Minnie Mouse and Mummy Donald Duck. Thank you to @Vinylmat0n for the photos.

The Minnie for sure glows. The Donald looks like he is made of the material to also glow. I love the idea, but like with many of the Tokyo vinyls, the designs fall a little flat in my opinion. It also seems like the production quality might differ from DDG products. But I'll still have to pick up the Donald. The expression and mummy wraps and accessory pumpkin (trick or treat bucket?) make a fun design. Minnie has a nice sculpted cape and hat.

These are set for a September 3rd release at the Tokyo Disney Parks for 1200 Yen.

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