Sunday, August 11, 2013

Imagineering Vinylmation Explained

Walt Disney Imagineering Vinylmation Set
Released: WDI Mickey's of Glendale shop inside 2013 D23 Expo
Open Window set of 8
LE 1000
$14.95 each

Update: 8/19/13 - Nick's WDI set review is here. HQ photos and descriptions added below.
Update: 8/11/13- Product shots added.

8/2/2013- It is an amazing thing. The Imagineers create the environments inside the theme parks that draw us in and capture our imagination. Then, we want merchandise to celebrate our love of Disney. For me, Vinylmation was an exciting piece of merchandise because it felt like taking a real piece of parks home with me and putting it on my shelf. Now, the Imagineers themselves have gotten in on the action. At D23, a series of Vinylmation will be released that was designed by a couple of Imagineers. It will be sold at the WDI Mickey's of Glendale shop inside the Expo. This shop, is unique in that it is a sample of the real California store that is only accessible to Imagineers. But at the Expo, any guest will get to browse and purchase the treasures inside.

It seems like a set of 8 Vinylmation. No word on if they are open window or blind box. And as of this post, the above shot is the best look we have at them. Here are my thoughts on what they represent... feel free to help out, I am by no means exactly right. As I thought, they used the Sorcerer Mickey in some form... in this case a hat. Also, as I hoped, they seem to represent Imagineering milestones, feats, or concepts. (from left to right)

Blue Sky
David Buckley

The Imagineer's idea process. A wonderful depiction of blank paper floating in a blue sky. The filament in the light bulb has a Hidden Mickey.

David Buckley

They had some groundbreaking innovations here. Love the moon and star shaped leaves in the hat.

Justin Hamana

Various instruments of playing and recording music. Justin stuck a Spinal Tap reference in the ear where the dial goes to 11.

Master Planning
David Buckley

A secret project in Orange Country Florida. A very ambitious design to layout an entire map on the front... but it reads so well.

Graphic Design
David Buckley

One of the little treasures of the parks. The front and back are different pieces of signage found around Magic Kingdom. Sir Mickey's, a Fantasyland store and the Tomorrowland main logo.

3D Design /Sculpting
David Buckley

Shows the sculpting process of the Everest Yeti on a mesh frame. Love the use of clear. Some clay dripped on the table. A hilarious note to "rework arm position." The Hat is all about a computer 3D design program mapping.

Justin Hamana

Construction of a building and the fence around it. Uses Mickey's colors. Crane in ear. Lunch pail on structure on the back.

Audio Animatronics
Justin Hamana

The insides of a moving robot in the park.

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