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Nerds Rock! Explained

Nerds Rock!
Release Date: February 25th, 2011
Artist: Doug Strayer
Open Edition, Open Window series featuring the Nerds Rock! artwork that is also used on other merchandise.

Update 5/26/14 Disney will be re-releasing Nerds Rock! Mickey, Minnie and Stitch on March 21, 2014. They will be on the new Mickey (and Minnie) platform and have undergone some design alterations. They will be $12.95.

Update 6/10/12 Available NOW online through the Vinylmation Facebook page store. Then will still be available at D-Streets starting June 22.

Update 5/29/12 Release date of June 22 and price of $12.95 confirmed for Stitch and Figment.

Yesterday Disney released pictures of the two next nerds in the Nerds Rock! series: Stitch and Figment. We first heard about these extras last year and now it looks like they are getting ready to stumble into our lives. No word yet on an actual release date.
Nerd Figment

Check out the wicked beanie on top. I wonder if the propeller will spin? It does not on the Donald Nerd. His shirt seems to say, "Let your ideas take flight." It is the logo from the Imagination Institute. Amazing! A must have!
Nerd Stitch

The poor guy doesn't look happy to be a nerd, but he sure is adorable. Even the glass cockeyed seem to add to the character. As many have said before, his shirt makes him look like a cast member of The Big Bang Theory. (Which just last episode had Shamy making their own podcast.) Also, a must buy!

Update: 2/13/11 The Disney Store Online will be releasing this series on February 25th, 2011.

Update: 2/7/11 We now have real pictures of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Goofy vinylamtions. We also snapped a picture of what seems to be the Nerds Rock poster in one of the vinylmation videos on the events page. It confirms the set as an 8 piece set. Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Daisy, Chip, and Dale.
We also learned that Nerds Rock! will be released online at the Disney Store on February 25th.

2/6/11- With the announcement that the Nerds Rock! series will be released on February 18th at both D-Streets, we thought we'd go over everything we actually know about the series. It seems that so far in 2011 Disney has been very hush hush about release dates and actual content. Gone are the days of knowing every figure (and sometimes the chaser) in a set months before the release date is even mentioned. But here is what we have at the moment.

Nerds Rock! will be a series of Open cases. That mostly likely means they will be more than $9.95 each.

Each figure seems to be a representation of a "nerdy" version of the normal Disney characters.

In a video about Nightmare Before Christmas Vinylmations on the Disney Vinylmation Events Page, there is a quick shot of the Nerds Rock! collection. 8 vinyls are shown. That might mean this set only has 8 figures.

Here are the characters we've seen or know of at this point.


We saw the 3" figure at Trade City and then later at Festival of the Masters. Notice the tape on his glasses.

We saw the 3" figure at Trade City and then later at Festival of the Masters. He's got buck teeth and a pocket protector.

We first saw this figure at the Festival of the Masters. I love his t-shirt. Reminds me of Big Bang Theory.
A clip of a video from the Vinylmation Events Page.
This confirms several more 3" figures. We've pulled pins to show you what the characters look like, although I'm sure the vinyls final design will be different from these pins.

In the video she has a bow, but here she doesn't. What happened to it??. I'm not sure if that's a skirt like in the pins or if it's her pants pulled way up high.


Tongue hanging down, it's Pluto. No pants however.

The vinyl shows his braces. Also, a fancy hat accessory.

Looks like the Vinylmation version will have red shorts and blue glasses (Instead of the gray pants he wears in other versions of Nerds Rock1). They keep the pencil in his ear, and it seems to be an accessory!

The last of the 8 confirmed by the video (the screen shot we have doesn't show it, but she's on the row to the right of Donald)

Confirmed in the Nerds Rock! line overall, and also the pin sets, but not seen in the video. Will he be part of the vinylmation set, or will there only be the 8 we saw in the video?

Update: 2/7/11 From a screen capture of the poster it doesn't look like there is room for another figure, and Stitch is not part of the group. But I'm not giving up hope, maybe as a secret character, or a Jr., or as a cast trade only vinyl!

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