Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spotlight on Justin Marshall's Epcot Monorail

We have featured Justin many times before, and I love his take on Epcot history. He now has a new custom up for sale.
I have a love for Epcot that ironically is built on nostalgia. Epcot itself is a park built around the future. Many know my previous works involving themes from Journey into Imagination, but I also like the Disney monorail system. My Favorite color is green, and monorail lime rides passengers from the Magic Kingdom to Epcot. So with the combination of that I wanted to create one where Figment was at the helm. The back is inspired from retro merchandise that was sold in the 1980's through the early 90's. The vinyl in the photo isn't glossed to avoid glare from lighting, but will get a gloss coat to give it a automobile look. Hope you like this vinyl based on past and future and stay tuned for more customs to surface, Thanks - JCHAD

If you are interested in purchasing this custom, or to view more artwork from Justin, visit

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