Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Theme Park Favorites Explained

Theme Park Favorites
Artist: Unknown
Release Date: January 20, 2012 (March 21, 2014 re-release)
Price: $12.95
Details: 10 figure set. Open Window Box.

Update: 02/26/14 Two years after the initial release, we are getting a re-release of some of these figures. Maybe they were the best selling? They will also undergo slight design changes. They will be released on March 21, 2014 and retain the $12.95 price tag.

The biggest change here is the positioning of the autographs. Not large moves, but noticeable. I do not spot any missing or added autographs.

The new figure will have smaller, but seemingly more defined princess silhouettes. The design overall looks cleaner to me. "happily ever after" will now be white as opposed to dark purple. The color of the ears, arms and feet look pink as opposed to dark pink.

Looks like slight changes in the spacing of each color band. And, it is hard to tell by photos alone, it seems there are slight changes to the intensity of the colors.

Update: 01/28/12 According to Vinylmation Kingdom, the Red Classic Fan in Ear Hat is a Disney Store exclusive and the Blue one is a Facebook promotion.

Update: 01/13/12 Disney has put a Friday, January 20th release date on this open window set. They have also confirmed the name "Theme Park Favorites". At the Florida Project, Disney Park Classics was a name used to label these.

From what we can tell, this series has several iconic designs that have been used in Disney Park merchandise. It ranges from the very specifically Disney to the generic.

Peace Love & Mickey

Peace signs, hearts and Mickey heads adorn this clear green figure.
Character Logo

Thanks Redtop for pointing out something interesting. Each piece is a different character. The body is Mickey, an ear is Goofy, the other ear is tigger, the feet are donald, the arms are Pluto and Pooh.

Classic Fan Yellow

Who's first visit to the parks didn't include a Mickey Ear hat? This clear figure also has a white Mickey tee.

Classic Fan Red

Same as above but with Red Clear.

(possible Disney Store Exclusive)

Classic Fan Blue

Same as above but with Blue Clear.

(Possible Facebook promotion figure)

Happily Ever After

This set has a figure for every group. This is a nice design for your little princess.

Mickey Parts

I like merchandise with the "Mickey Parts", but at least on concept art, this one doesn't appeal to me. This one is very different from the concept art:

Yin Yang

At peace with the world.

Rainbow Flag

A colorful, simple figure.

In my opinion, the best in this set. I like this larger version of the Jr Autograph figure we got in Celebrations.

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