Friday, February 14, 2014

TINKering with Popcorns... Is a Bad Idea

The Disney Vinylmation Facebook page posted a few product preview shots this week. I am not thrilled about this decision. Popcorns series 3 was previewed for the first time with a Tinker Bell figure. That part I like. But the new windowless Popcorns box was also previewed and there is a new word slapped onto the packaging... "Mystery."

The first two Popcorns series were open window. You could plop down your twenty bucks, or much less if you waited for them to go on the inevitable sale shelf, and go home happy with your favorite character or design. Even the LE Variants were open window. Now, they are adding an element of mystery into a series that does not need it. In my opinion, this is an attempt to save a seemingly unpopular series while trying to squeeze a few extra bucks from the customer as well. I'd love to think the person behind this is acting in kind and trying to add the fun of the chase to what seems like an under performing product line. But in reality, I think the customer will hold back at the chance of getting a character they really don't want and is more difficult to trade.

Popcorns to me was all about a line of popular Disney characters in fun, new, artsy forms. It made sense to have this kind of product as open window. As much as I NEEDED the Donald Duck from Popcorns 2, I would never purchase a blind box to get it. What's your opinion?

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