Friday, February 14, 2014

New Park Starz 3 Preview is Electric

The Disney Vinylmation Facebook page posted a few product preview shots this week. Park Starz 3 was front and center with two new figures revealed.

My favorite float from the Main Street Electrical Parade makes an appearance! As well as Ezra, the hitchhiking ghost. While a Haunted Mansion ghost is practically a given, it makes sense to continue to give us a hitchhiking ghost to go with last year's Gus. The idea of doing a parade float is a wonderful idea, although this was more than a float, it was a seperately operated character. But I never thought of parades when thinking up possible Park Starz figures. I love it! I partly wish they did a SpectroMagic figure this year however to go with the line of monthly pins that is releasing over the course of 2014.

We now know 6 of 12 figures. Here is a link to the other Park Starz 3 figure we know.

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