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The Jungle Book Explained

The Jungle Book Explained 

Disney Store and Online Release Date: February 24, 2014
D-Street Release Date: February 28, 2014
Price: $12.95
The Jungle Book was released in 1967.

Update 02/17/14 Mystery Chaser photo added.

Voiced by: Phil Harris

I love that we get a version with the coconut! Makes for a wonderful addition to our collections since we already have a normal version Baloo. This is an iconic scene and deserves a vinyl.

Voiced by: Bruce Reitherman

I like the facial expression, but I don't think this captures Mowgli's look as much as the animation series version. I applaud the different look, but would have wanted more.

King Louie
Voiced by: Louis Prima

Spectacular! Enrique nailed this design. He was brave enough to go outside the box and give us the ape arms. Overall, this design is preferable to the Animation topper.

Shere Khan
Voiced by: George Sanders

The version is wonderful with Shere Khan lurking in the tall grass. I like this design better than the Villains 2 version because I think the face is more accurate. However, the variant Villains figure is still one of my all-time favorites.

Voiced by: Sabastian Cabot

A great design choice. A straight forward version would be boring. And this incorporates a second character, Kaa, without giving us a second vinyl figure of the villainous snake.

Hathi Jr.
Voiced by: Clint Howard

Love the trunk accessory. A straightforward design and a wonderful character selection.

The Vultures
"Buzzie, Flaps, Ziggy & Dizzy"
Voiced by: J. Pat O'Malley, Lord Tim Hudson, Chad Stuart & Digby Wolfe

Wonderful way to get these iconic characters into the series. Innovative, although done before, worth doing more. Well executed designs.

Mystery Chaser

Click image to see chaser

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