Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Are Disney Store Vinylmation Displays Shrinking?

We were sent this photo from @IndyandMarian...
That is extent of the new Vinylmation section at the Florida Mall in Orlando, FL. Not sure what this reduction in shelf space means or if it is a permanent move. Is this of much concern to collectors in Orlando who could just purchase Vinylmation at Downtown Disney or Online? I, as a local, avoid this mall for two reasons. First, location. It is very much out of my way and the traffic around it is not fun either. Second, and I say this full of love for the guests who visit our fine city daily, it is a very touristy mall. But that also makes it the perfect spot for a large Disney Store. Are other Disney Stores across the country shrinking their Vinylmation display as well?

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