Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spotlight On: Aaralyn's Tick Tock

Aaralyn is back and this time she created this cool Tick Tock from Peter Pan! We got her to talk a little about this figure. Make sure you take a close look at Tick's stomach, there's more then meets the eye there.

"I wanted to share a recent custom of mine that breaks away from the cuteness of my traditional style. A few friends of mine have been pushing me to try something different and with the recent re-release of Peter Pan, I decided to make one of my favorite characters from the movie.

Disney has a great talent for giving characters personality, even when those characters don't speak, and I believe Tick-Tock falls into this category. One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when Smee is shaving Captain Hook (or the seagull rather) and Tick-Tock comes along. After Smee scolds him, he pouts before turning around and leaving. This clip from the movie was my main inspiration for this piece.

I added quite a few elements to this custom that I have never attempted before, which made this custom one of my most challenging. The first challenge I faced was cutting a hole in the body of the custom. After, I had to figure out how I wanted Tick-Tock's face to fit on the mold and I spent a lot of time focused on his face. Somewhere in the process I decided to add a painted canvas background to his case, to give the custom more depth.

The last part of the process was installing the sound, working pocket-watch, and scenery inside the custom, then protecting it all with a piece of plexiglass. While the sound is installed inside the custom, the button to activate it can be pushed while Tick-Tock is sitting in his case.
In addition, I created a video to showcase these features:

I am also having a contest on my Facebook page to win a 3" vinylmation custom, and the character will be chosen by the winner! The giveaway end March 12. 2013 at 9 pm CST. Please visit my Facebook page linked below for details; thanks for reading and good luck!

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