Saturday, February 16, 2013

Diving for Eagles

Someone over at eBay must have had some time on his hands. And a pair of coveralls. It looks like we have another dumpster dive find. And while this one looks better then most, we still caution anyone from ever purchasing these "finds".

Now for the interesting part. It looks like Maria Clapsis is at it again with a great looking holiday figure. It seems like these regular figures are the reason we no longer see new editions of Holiday series. Labeled "Independence Day 2013", this piece looks perfect. I am totally going to get my dad one. I also enjoy the old school flag in the ears, one star for each of the original states in the union. Interesting fact: Did you know that originally when a state was added they added both a star AND a stripe. That got to be too much so they nixed the stripes, and just continued with the stars. We expect to see this in stores late May or early June, but that's just our speculation.

What do you think of this figure?

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