Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Vinylmation High School Explained

Vinylmation High School
Disney Store
Release Date: February 25

Update 2/6/13 Vinylmation Kingdom has revealed 11 of the 12 figures from the Disney Store's upcoming Vinylmation High School series. They also posted a photo of the box design.


The Disney Store rocks at hats, this one for the member of the marching band is perfect.


He just looks mean... and has the missing tooth to prove it. Looks like he just broke someones window. Hope his allowance covers the damage.


Wow, I think I can hear her from here. She has a ton of school spirit and a cool megaphone.


A wonderful face complete with sweat drops. He has the standard whistle and some game winning plays drawn out in his ears.


This tough guy is proud to wear his letterman jacket and even football helmet around school grounds. Love the use of ears here.


Wow. A bit overdone here for my taste. He is all geeked out with strong prescription glasses, plaid pants and bow tie (but bow ties are cool). I wouldn't mind seeing more equations in the ears. I do like the cooler Nerds Rock series better than this figure.


Black clothes and angry attitude. Pretty straightforward. 

Lunch Lady

Wow, this one is a perfect representation. Odd makeup scheme. Weird stain on clothes. Glasses with chain. Even a hair net.


First off, she looks like she's 30. But she does have the "I'm better than you" attitude down. The rose and thorns in the ears are a nice touch.

Prom King

Super cool. He wears his shades inside. I can not believe we don't get a real crown accessory and/or fabric sash.

Prom Queen

Super happy. Nice dress. All made up. But same comment as above... accessory crown and sash?

Mystery Chaser

What will it be? We are missing the substitute teacher and Principal. 

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