Thursday, September 5, 2013

Disney Teases Possible New Vinylmation Platform or Experience

The official Vinylmation Facebook page made this post yesterday:
Something new is coming to Vinylmation! Are you ready to meet Mickey?
What do you think it might be? Disney is good about misdirection and wordplay, so what part of this post is the most important. We do see some kind of silver looking Mickey sticking out behind the photo. It looks like a more sculpted, classic looking Mickey. That could point to a new platform that could be painted on or a variety of platforms (like Park Starz). However, if we look at the words and the actual photograph, this could point to a new Vinylmation experience of some kind. Could we have to meet and greet characters to trade for and/or collect certain new Vinylmation? "Meet Mickey"? We already have a Mickey shaped platform, but what if we literally had to meet Mickey? Vinylmation has been expanding its boundaries beyond selling figures in park stores to Disney Stores, other merchandise, the Radio Disney Music Awards and the Blank web series... so may we see more interactive Vinylmation experiences inside the Disney Parks? I assume we will find out at Reflections of Evil in less than two weeks! Remember DV will be your home for live coverage of the Vinylmation Talk on Sunday, September 15.

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