Saturday, September 28, 2013

Spotlight On: Gerard Kwok's Superpowers

We saw these pieces of work by Gerard online and knew we needed to see more. So here is a whole set of these one of a kind creations and his own descriptions. A keep a look out for more work from Gerard, because we can't wait to see what he does next!
The "Nighty Ghost" - Power to control the dead spirits (more or less like Hades from the Hercules)
The "God of Thunder" - Electricity manipulation (Extracting power from bad temper)
The "Planetary Guardian" - Having a series of weapons capsuled up and stored in his body
Mad Hatter
The "Tea Monster" - Aroma manipulation (Scent that kills / hypnotize)

The "Knight of Technology" - A Traveler in the virtual reality. His role is like a computer virus but does all the good things to the digital world. The only R3 member that is in intangible form
The "Shehulk" - Incredible strength and durability like Colossus from the X-Men
The "Naughty Thief" - Low-level telepathic power + Stealing power like Rogue from the X-Men
The "King of Hunny" - A hunny generator with the power of shaping hunny into different forms (diff shape and diff level of density) for attacking or shielding
Queen of Hearts
The "Queen of Madness" - Heat manipulation (Generating heatwave. Level up when getting mad)
The "Martial Master" - Excellent combat skill + Kinetic power manipulation like Gambit from the X-Men
White Rabbit
The "Time Smith" - Time manipulation (Stopping time / turning back time)

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