Thursday, September 26, 2013

Never Produced Disney Store Vinylmation Artwork Surfaces

Over the past week, a few interesting pieces of artwork of never produced Disney Store Vinylmation have surfaced. The first was released intentionally by Disney Store artist Jim Valeri on his personal website. Back in 2012, the Disney Store released a Blind Box set of 13 figures that would light up when placed on a base (sold separately). The set celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Disney Store and featured the following line up.

Apparently, the set was planned to be much more ambitious. Jim Valeri has released the following artwork showing 13 more figures.
Here is a quote from Jim Valeri off his website: “This Vinylmation series was designed for TDS 25th Anniversary which came out about a year and a half ago. The original idea was to have 25 pieces….for the 25th Anniversary…see the math there? Anyway, that turned out to be a little too ambitious given our timing and manufacturing logistics so 13 of the intended designs were nixed…”

I personally never enjoyed the style of this collection, but did appreciate the artwork. I would have for sure liked to see a few of these replace the released figures. I'd take Genie, Donald and Peter Pan over Goofy, Tink and Dumbo. How about you?

Also in the past week, a piece of artwork, seemingly unintentionally, was leaked to the internet and discovered by a member of Vinylmation Exchange. Last year, series of open window figures called Disney Tunes was released to the Disney Stores. It featured six Disney characters with a musical theme.

It appears that there was at least one more design that never made it to the production factory (or will be released in the future?)

The Cheshire Cat, dressed to the nines like a hip jazz cat, was designed on a blue clear body with musical instruments and music notes floating about.

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