Sunday, September 15, 2013

RoE: Dated 2014 Sorcerer Mickey

Dated 2014 Figures
WDW and DLR have a 12/13 release date and $12.95 price.
All Blind Box and Open Edition with Variants
Variant Odds: 1 in 10
There will be a separate figure for each of those four parks that will be exclusive to that park.

Regular (right) and Variant (left, clear) for Disneyland Paris

Walt Disney World 


Walt Disney World 

Disneyland Paris 

Hong Kong Disneyland

Update: It looks like there are red hat variants. Could this point to a blind boxed figure like Food and Wine with a special number of variants?

Update: We took a closer look and here are the differences. Park Icons in the robes and Disney Park Logos on the back of the head.
It looks like this year's experiment for 13 figures for 2013 didn't work out well enough to try it again next year. Although, I can not tell from this angle, but I think each park might have a slightly different figure, which would mean at least four (slightly) different figures. 

Did you collect any of the 2013 figures?

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