Sunday, September 15, 2013

RoE: Trade Night Vinylmation

Trade Night Vinylmation 
Expected release date: 2014 (One character per trade show)
Expected price: $16.95
LE 500
Blind Boxed with Variant
Variant Odds: 1 in 10
The solid color figure is the normal version, while the clear figure is the variant.

Do like the pins do! Expect huge lines at those merchandise registers now! Both pin and Vinylmation collectors will be crowding in. Our best understanding is that both WDW and DLR will get these, but not the same characters. For example, Figment will only be released at a WDW Trade Night, while perhaps Stitch is just for DLR. I also found out DLR does not have merchandise at the event? You have to go elsewhere in the morning to buy the Trade Night pin? So not sure where these will be released in Anaheim. In Orlando, there is a merchandise area at the Trade Night itself and that is the only spot the pin has been available.

I love it! Disney kept saying "The Chase is Back" and this proves it. This gives an inexpensive, nicely designed, exclusive, low edition size figure with a variant. THIS is what collectors desire. Good job Disney.

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