Saturday, January 26, 2013

Spotlight On: Aaralyn's Baby Snow White

This week Aaralyn showed off her latest Vinylmation custom, the most recent princess in her princesses as babies style. We asked her for a few words about it...

 "I have quite a few upcoming projects that I am really excited about. My next project is Tiny Tails, my first custom series and I will also be working on additional 9" customs in a slightly different theme/style than previous works. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my latest custom!
 When I first started creating custom Vinylmations in December of 2011, once of the first projects I planned was creating a set of Baby Disney Princesses. Although my style has evolved since I started, I still plan to finish the series that started with Cinderella, then Ariel and now includes the fariest of them all, Snow White.
The hardest part of designing this custom were her eyes. I sketched out quite a few different styles until one stood out. In the design stage, the eyes are the aspect that always seems to get the most sketch time.
Like the other baby princesses I've done, I also had the task of picking out an animal friend to include. One of my favorite scenes from the movie is when the baby bluebird tries to out-sing Snow White and the little bird goes out of tune, making its parents wince. I thought he was a perfect addition to the custom.

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Thanks again to Aaralyn for showing off such awesome artwork!

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