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Vinylmation Prognostication: Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2

Welcome to another installment of Vinylmation Prognostication! In this column I will be brainstorming “blue sky” ideas of what I would like to see future Vinylmation series to feature. I will examining the potential futures of current Vinylmation series as well as thinking up new series that I (and maybe other Disney fans!) would like to see be released. Since I have no idea what new series will be coming up this will be a fun way to dream up our wish lists so to speak. So, feel free to voice your thoughts on if you agree or disagree with my choices at the end of the article. With that being said let the prognostication begin!

In today’s column I will be exploring what possible vinylmations could be included in a second installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. From what I have heard out there on the internet there are strong rumors that there will be no series 2 of the Pirates of the Caribbean. However, if they were ever to release a second series, I think there are a lot of great characters out there that have yet to appear in vinyl form. Therefore, I give you my Pirates of the Caribbean Series 2!

1. The Wicked Wench
photo from disneyparksecrets.blogspot.com

I would start out with creating a vinyl of the ship in the attraction. Now there are several ways Disney artists can be creative for this vinyl. One would be to make the entire vinyl be designed as the ship. Another would be to shrink the ship down on the vinyl where you have the entire scene with the water and sky included on the figure. I would love to see them incorporate Captain Barbossa into the design re-creating a classic scene from the attraction!

2. Carlos (man in the well)
photo from Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki

Another great scene from the attraction is the scene where the man is being dunked in the well. In Pirates series 1, one of the men who has been captured from this scene was included in vinyl form. I would love to see a Carlos vinyl featuring Carlos spitting out water after being dunked like you see in the attraction.

3. Carlos’s Wife
photo from Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki

Since we would now have a Carlos figure, we must have his wife featured as well. You might remember her from the attraction speaking her famous quote, “Don't tell him, Carlos, don't be chicken!" She would be dressed in her nightgown and night cap.

4. The Red Head
photo from Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki

When the first Pirates series was announced, I thought for sure the Red Head from the auction scene would be included. So you could imagine my disappointment when Tiny from that scene was included instead. I would love to see this wrong righted by including the Red Head in this series. After all, “We wants the Red Head!”

5. Pirate Auctioneer

Now I know that this figure was already included in the Park 3 series, however I never thought that figure captured the look of the character from the ride. I think on the new platform, another Disney artist could come up with a better representation. Those are just my thoughts on the matter, therefore I am including the Pirate Auctioneer in this series.

6. Woman Chasing Pirate with Broom

Here is a chance for my first accessory of the series! I would include the woman from this scene as well as a tiny broom she is trying to swat the pirate with. This is a very humorous scene from the ride, and I would love to see it represented with a character in vinyl form!

7. Pirate from Muddy Pig Scene
photo from mixnmojo.com

Pirates Series 1 featured a pig from this scene, so I am going to go with a vinyl of the pirate from that scene for this series. The vinyl would feature the bearded pirate with his red hat and bandanna. His feet and clothes would of course be covered with mud like the pig vinyl in series 1. Bottle of rum would not be included as Disney lawyers would never allow that!

8. Pirate Prisoner
photo from Pirates of the Caribbean Wiki

From the prison scene I would include the pirate who is trying to attract the dog’s attention with a bone. In this scene he is the tall and skinny pirate who is holding out the bone towards the dog. I think the bone would make a great accessory for this figure. Another cool feature I would design for this figure would be a clothed red bandanna that is wrapped around the figure’s head.

9. Pirate Prisoner with Noose

Also from this scene I would include the pirate in the striped shirt who is holding a noose. Including a small noose rope would be a great accessory. Not sure if that could happen, but it is worth a mention!

10. Prisoner Dog with Keys

Ok, so we had this figure already included in Park 4! Again a redesign on the new platform would be a great addition to this series. Plus, this is my favorite scene in the ride and I am including it in this series. Enough said!

11. Jack Sparrow
Photo from Themouseforless.com

For the eleventh figure I thought I would include a version of Jack Sparrow from the attraction. I will include the Treasure Room version of Jack at the end of the ride. I would use the feet to design some of the treasure from the room. On the ears I would include the design of the chair that he is sitting on from the scene. I would also add the chalice he is holding in the scene as an accessory!

12. Peg Leg Pete (Chaser)
photo from User Burnsland on flickriver.com

For the chaser, I thought about including something that relates to the history of the attraction. Walt Disney World fans might remember the green parrot who sat up on a perch above the entrance to the attraction. This bird served as the “carnival barker” to attract people to the ride. He had many great lines and was one of my favorite things about the attraction. When the ride was redesigned with Jack Sparrow being included, Peg Leg Pete was removed from the entrance. I remember reading that he was later added as part of the décor of a store in Downtown Disney. Don’t know if he is still there, but I miss seeing him every time I go to ride Pirates. Having this as a chaser (with his pirate hat included!) would be a fitting tribute.

So, there you have it! My plan for Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Feel free to voice your thoughts on what you would like to see for this series below. See you next time!

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